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What's a current issue that's very debatable, with many points of view?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) January 21st, 2010

Not something like abortion that’s highly irreconcilable and difficult to persuade one of. I need some suggestions for something to write about for a rhetoric class. Thanks guys :)

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Health care reform – just look at some of the threads on here!

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This question.

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Nothing is more debatable than religion(s).

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@janbb Just what I was going to say.

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Currently in my apartment the debate is between crunchy and creamy peanut butter. Not very political, but man do people have opinions.

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How much aid should we send to Haiti? Or even—should we send aid to Haiti? If so, how much?

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Do violence and sexual content in video games, on TV, in movies and on the Internet influence people to commit violence and other crimes?

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puffy vs crunchy cheetos
But seriously: gay marriage

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42 We already know it’s the answer to Life, the universe and everything. But what the heck does the answer mean?


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Is Barack Obama hung like a Democratic mule or not, the debate rages on. Judging by the look of awe on Michelle’s face i’d vote yes,probably.

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Is crystal meth really that bad?

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Okay sensible response time.The issue on global warming won’t go away any time soon.

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Your teacher has probably read a million papers on abortion, gun control, death penalty, and legalizing weed. I used to drink a pint with my Writing 122 Professor after my evening class. I lived next to the bar that was next to her bus stop. So we would grab a beer while she waited for the bus. She used to bitch about all the papers being about the same topics.

I would go with writing about the new scanners in airports that see through your clothes. That relates to a current event and you will probably have the only paper about it. And there is a lot of info about them. Like how they claim that data can’t move off the machine but it actually can be done easily.

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A more general topic: what are rights as opposed to privileges? It can key in to any number of current topics; health care, privacy, etc.

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goddamnit I was gonna say abortion

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Toilet paper. Whether the end should be on your side or on the wall side.
Whether change is generally bad or good. Whether the human species is becoming better or worse over time. (The merits of conservatism and progressivism, if you will.)
Whether it’s important to be a “spiritual” person.

Unfortunately, in many debates with initially many points of view, the points of view have a habitual tendency to all end up in two camps. Usually pro and con. Our heads just work like that.

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“Fat rights”. Whether discrimination against fat people is just as bad as discrimination against a race, conviction or social group.

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There is a question right now about affirmative action on fluther. But, I guess that has been done before?

Someone mentioned rights VS privileges. I think that is very good. Rights can be broken down to human rights and right as a citizen of a country. My husband for instance takes issue with the idea that driving a car is a privilege. He feels it is a right that can be taken away. He bought the car, he pays taxes to use the roads, and so on.

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Thanks guys, these are all good suggestions.

@Fyrius toilet paper should be on your side, obviously!

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I vote for “What should be the role of government in the lives of its people?” This is going to be THE issue for the next two decades at least.

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The war on terror. The terror of war.

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How cultural differences affect success.

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Mac vs. PC always gets people going.

So do Coke vs. Pepsi, Miracle Whip vs. mayonnaise, and butter vs. margarine.

I think @johnpowell‘s comment and suggestion are excellent.

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PC, Coke, Helmanns, margarine. You forgot Nestle vs Hershey’s.

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Oh, yeah, and Nestle vs. Hershey’s.

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The number of genders.

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Further to @johnpowell‘s thought on writing on something the teacher hasn’t read hundreds of papers about, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision today throwing out hundreds of years of case law, and finding that Corporations have the same 1st Amendment rights to free speech as individuals have, and should therefore be free to give all the money they want to support any politician or political agenda.

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Can a society where people pick and choose which laws they want to follow survive? What is the role of civil disobedience with regard to marijuana use?

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