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Everything went hidden, how do I get it back?

Asked by Shield_of_Achilles (1906points) January 21st, 2010

I pressed one of the functions keys and my address bar and start bar are hidden. How do I get it back?

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Try F11.

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That didn’t work a min ago… WTF?

Thanks though.

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Sounds like you entered kiosk mode. Since you didn’t tell us the version of Windows and your browser I can’t be bothered helping. Kidding. What OS and Browser? It is a simple fix. It just varies.

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F11 worked

but if i wanna set up demo mode on something, ill be sure to remember all that lol

that or if i wanna mess with the people at best buy =p

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Try hitting the right hand side of your mouse near where your tool bar should be then a list of options should pop up and you can select tool bar.
I am on a mac and this happened recently to me.

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