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How do I get a straight guy to like me?

Asked by lmendez822 (1points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m a man and I want a straight man to like me.

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What do u mean? You want a straight guy to become gay? Explain.

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bake him a cake

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Thats what I’m getting from the question. Not to bust your bubble but I don’t think there is a way to do that.

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lenny gets my vote for best noob. 3 day old jellyfish and he already knows about cake.

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Umm, I dont think I get what your asking, but I wouldnt do anything different if your just trying to be friends.

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I am a straight man and I like you as a friend..

I don’t think you can or should try to get someone to “switch teams.” Would you like it if someone tried to turn you straight?

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Surgery. Lots of very expensive surgery.

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yeah I think you need to give up on that one. Unless he is curious I don’t think you stand a chance at more then a big mistake when he is drunk ha. Besides I don’t think most gay relationships make it pastthe six month mark sad to say…...

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johnny0313….you should broaden your gay horizons. MANY gay relationships make it well beyond 6 months. Homosexual relationships tend to face a lot more obstacles, and quite often do not receive the familial support that heterosexual unions enjoy, which can make success a little more difficult. Look at the rate of divorce in heterosexual relationships… And they enjoy the support of church, family, government, and society as a whole. When you think about the fact that quite often the homosexual couple has to overcome these many obstacles, it is amazing gay unions last any time at all. But they do. Just as with heterosexuals, relationships take an incredible amount of hard work and a commitment to stand strong through the hardest of trials.
Sorry to ramble on. My answer to the original question. I really don’t think you should pursue a straight man. You should respect his sexual orientation. Simply be a good friend.

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Its certainly possible through common interests, activities, and having the same group of friends.

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Turn him gay. (not trying to be offensive)
(sorry if it offended anyone)
You can become his perfect girl in a guy body. Be everything he wants in a girl.(emotionally and internally, not by physical appearance) Become his closest friend.

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