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Why am I so cold?

Asked by TehRoflMobile (780points) January 21st, 2010

Of recent my hands have become very cold. I’ve also noticed that my skin (legs mostly- feet and knees, not the calf) are very cold. They appear reddish or pinkish and when you touch them they turn white, I takes a while for the skin to return to the normal color (the pinkish color).

I’ve been told this means I have poor circulation. I agree with them, but this lack of circulation and coldness has just recently appeared. Last year or so maybe. Does this sometimes just develop as you get older (I’m in highschool) or can be caused by some kind of vitamin deficiency? If it is nutrition what can I do to help it?

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Do have caffeine or coffee, you want to have some Tea- green tea to get your circulation going and be sure to walk around while you have the tea, your feet pump blood too! I have had this happen all my life as a Gardener- Green Tea. The thing your doing is “Vasodialating” . Opening your veins for blood flow so your hands/ feet get just a little more but get Whole leaf Tea- the taste is better!

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Take a hot shower!

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Are you also losing hair and sleeping a lot? Could be your thyroid.

Low iron can cause you to be very cold also.

Raynaud’s causes very cold extremities, but I doubt you have that.

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Wow that was quick, thank you. I don’t smoke, and hot showers feel great. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t like the taste, but I do drink green Tea.

@JLeslie, I tend to sleep from 9–10 at night to 6 in the morning (because of school). That should be enough sleep. What are some iron rich foods?

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Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, green tea, pretty much any dark green leafy veggies will have you covered! put them with some Whole Grain Rice and piece of chicken breast and your set!!

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I’d see a doctor, since I don’t think there are any medical folks on this thread. Probably something minor, but worth having a professional check you out.

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Two friends of mine have reynaud’s. My friend’s mother has such poor circulation and low heartrate she is always cold. You’re a big tad younger but there are some circulation conditions that can start young. Or you might be like my daughter who does not dress for the weather!

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Yes- take the safe route and make sure your ok

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The main thing is, don’t let all these suggestions about what might be wrong worry you, and don’t be nervous about going to your family physician. Okay?

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Do some walking, and take Niacin (don’t get the non-flush).

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Thank you all. I just figured I would ask because it can be kind of obnoxious having hands like mine. I’ll ask my doctor the next time I have a check up. I’m not going to go rushing in. I’m pretty sure I’m healthy. My resting heart rate is around 55 bpm, and I’m a good athlete.

It just gets annoying having people always tell me my hands are really cold or having my hands go numb after 5 minutes in the cold, with thick gloves on. I was curious if I could fix it.

Once again thank you.

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This happens to me because I’m anemic. Take iron.

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@TehRoflMobile How old are you? Next time you go to the doctor for a check up tell them your symptoms, and they should test you for Iron, B12, vitamin D (if youlive in a cold climate or always protect your skin from the sun), and maybe TSH along with whatever else they think would be worth testing. I would say just take a daily vitamin plus iron for now (it can be any brand, even flinstones, I think the iron should be around 18mg), and try to eat well. And, make sure you are dressing for the weather, as someone else suggested above.

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It could be a side-effect of medication you are taking. See your doctor before trying to treat it yourself.

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@filmfann ; Niacin… Not good to take… If you take enough to do the job your colon ph changes to the pint where you ruin your prostate and then have them hang out and be painful. only way to get rid of them is a colonoscopy and surgery!

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@phil196662 Never heard that before. Thanks for the advice.

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@filmfann ; Had some wicked polops in my anus to show for it, had them taken off in a colonoscopy .

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well..the situation happy in the winter ? oh .i think you must blood-gas shortage..and you can eat the red is useful for the girl…

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