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What methods do you use to save money these days?

Asked by Middle_Class_American (251points) January 21st, 2010

Ive been trying out different methods and ways to save as much money as I can and balancing my spending more towards what I “need” as opposed to what I “want”. What methods do you use to save money that have proven successful in the past/present?

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Brown bag instead of Fast-fooding all the time.
Brush your teeth while having a 2-minute shower
Cut your hair short: less shampooing, less blow-drying
Get invited over for dinner
Van or car-pool
Buy store branded items instead of nationally branded ones

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I buy what I need…and stick to it, unless it involves traveling. It doesn’t hurt to make a lot more than you spend.

timtrueman's avatar has really helped me understand where my money is going. It’s easier to tackle my biggest expenses when I know what they are.

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I use both sides of the toilet paper.

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I steal.

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I lower the thermostat, turn off lights I’m not using, wash my clothes when I can fill the machine.
I buy basic foods and prepare them from scratch instead of buying prepared foods.
I buy good quality but not fancy name brand clothing and shoes. Buying poor quality means having to replace it often. Use the compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.
Shop in thrift stores for furniture and kitchen items.

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My girlfriend has been teaching me ways to save money shopping. Like going to goodwill and trying to find clothing, and coupon cutting for the grocery stores. Only getting items that are on sale and stocking up on those items that are on sale for a later day. $1 menu at fast food restaurants and just shopping around for the best deals. I have cut back on my furnace usage and just not utilizing as much energy as I used to.

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