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What's a good beginner dirt bike for a guy my size?

Asked by kyle94481 (214points) January 21st, 2010

Well, I would like to get into dirt bikes. I’m wondering how much bike I should get. I’m 5’5, 14 and growing. I’m probably somewhere around 140 lbs, but I’m not sure as we don’t have a scale in our house. I can ride my friends Kawasaki 250 4 stroke pretty well, but other then that I have no experience. I’m looking for something under $1000 preferably. I do have access to a atv/mx store, which is within 15 miles of my house. So the question is, what can i get? I have no problem with buying a used bike and I’m willing to work on it instead of sending it to a shop.

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I’d suggest you buy a used bike because you’re still growing. In a few years you can/should invest in a proper dirt bike. That’s the only advice I can give you right now.

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What size engine am I looking for?

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For your first bike a four stroke 100cc might be a good choice. The Honda XR 100 R is a good one.

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Well how big a feller are ya? (R. D. Mercer)

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@trillian I’m athletic? I’m not sure how to answer that.

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Sigh, ok @kyle94481 . I put the persons name up to make sure I wasn’t guilty of plagarism. I saw the question and that was the first thing I though. Sorry. I was trying to be funny, but if you haven’t heard Roy D Mercer, I guess it wouldn’t scan. Here’s a link if you want to hear him. Pretty funny.

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@trillian oh, makes sense.

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