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Any helpful tips on how to relieve stress?

Asked by viainfested (435points) January 21st, 2010

I have been struggling a bit with it lately. I used to ride my bike every day, but since the temperature has dropped and it’s gotten snowy I’ve been avoiding it. I’ll eventually bundle up and start riding again, but until then… Any suggestions on ways to relieve stress without having to brave the cold? :)

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COMEDY MOVIE! those always help me. reading also helps if you focus enough and force yourself to stop thinking of what is bothering you. its all a question of psyching yourself out of it.

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I can get lost in a book and feel better after a good read.

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Indoor exercise. Try a gym membership at a YMCA. Wait, by not having to ‘brave the cold’ do you mean not having to leave the house? In that case, I second @bigboss. That, or comedy sitcom – like Ugly Betty or Brothers & Sisters.

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@faye oh i agree, a good mystery works for me. yey for james paterson and j.k. rowling

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I do so enjoy Harry. Nothing that bad ever happens to me! How about yoga if you’d rather exercise?

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run , run as fast as you can ~~
as long as u r running, you will feel relieve~~!
by the way, wear a pair of comfortable running shoes like nike shoes, or puma shoes, it will make you comfortable , it also could strengthen your

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@oceania321 I do have some pumas… and I have been meaning to start running. Definitely try that out. I have outdoor gear, just need to motivate myself enough to get out there. lol

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I love video games. :-) they are a perfect way to relieve stress because they are interactive, exciting, and just overall fun.. Though I even more like spending time with my sweetheart.. lots of things you can do to relieve stress ^.^

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Go shoot some clay pigeons. Best stress-reliever ever.

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Surprised no-one said sex. Best stress-buster of them all.

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@Zen_Again well i implied it without actually saying it. lol

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Soothing music and a good book. Works every time for me.

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rub and tug… or just get f**ked

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Sex always helps me. If no partner, then use your hand.

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A book, some chamomile tea, foot massage, aromatherapy, or a good sleep.:)

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@liliesndaisies That sounds really good to me

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Thanks, in fact i am sitting here with chamomile tea.It relaxes me a lot.:)

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Exercise is very important to reduce stress. A good network of supportive friends is helpful too. Good music is a must – always improves my mood

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@MandyJane71 well I’m at work 6 days a week 1 to 9pm… so it’s very rare I get to see anyone. Music hasn’t helped lately, neither has exercise really. Idk what it is, I just can’t seem to shake this apathetic mood and negative thoughts. :(

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