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Is it bad to exercise sore muscles?

Asked by le_inferno (6174points) January 22nd, 2010

I went to kickboxing class 2 days ago, some of my muscles are still sore from it. Today I wanted to go to my weight lifting class but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage. The front my thighs are probably the sorest, and in the weight class we do squats and such. So I’m not sure if that’ll worsen things or be overly strenuous for me.

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It’s good to exercise them, but not strenuously. Exercising an injured muscle increases blood flow to it and helps it heal. However, putting too much strain on the damaged tissue can aggravate it. I would go to the gym, but skip the weight class. You want light exercise of the sore muscles, something like cycling at low resistance for the legs. For the arms, try using those rubber tubing exercise bands. I’m sure there are trainers at your gym. Ask one of them for advice on how much you can do.

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I’ve always found that some light yoga does wonders for sore muscles.

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Very light exercise is good for sore muscles. Stay away from the heavier stuff for a bit.

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i do all the time and haven’t had any problems with. im 27 years old too and still in good shape also and im sure that plays a big part. just be a little more careful and should be alright,

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Yes you should lightly exercise those muscles. Slow sustained gentle stretching would aid in releasing the Lactic acid built up in your sore overworked muscles. A nice whirlpool or gentle massage would help to soothe too.

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I would agree light exercise is probably fine. What I want to tell you is stretching immediately AFTER exercising is the best way to avoid muscle soreness. When you tire and the exercise becomes anaerobic your muscle can build up lactic acid which can lead to a sore feeling later on. The stretching afterwards moves the acid out of the muscle.

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Here’s some interesting advice, though I have not idea of the accuracy of the information. Basically it says take it easy until the soreness is gone, no intense workouts. Kind of like what everyone else has said.

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I would definitely take it easy. Yoga and stretching is always great to me, even if I’m sore; it generally helps.

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I don’t think so.My mother-in-law’s mouth is still working ;)

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Sore muscles are fine to use. Injured muscles should be rested.

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Instead of doing impact exercises, try some tai chi.

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