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How do you whisper here?

Asked by stump (3827points) January 22nd, 2010

I don’t know how to whisper. Is there a manual or FAQs page?

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Right below the text entry box it shows how. Put a pair of hyphens on both sides of the text that you want to be whispered.

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you type your text in between two dashes on each side. Check the bottom whenever you start typing an answer and it has the commands for bold italic and whisper

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like this

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I hate whispering on here.

I have to take my legs off my desk and lean forward to read what has been written.

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thanks everyone!!!!

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@ChazMaz Ya old fogey! Hold down the ctrl button and use your mousewheel button to scroll up, that’ll increase the text size.

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“Ya old fogey!”
I will look at that as an endearing statement of love and devotion. :-)

“Hold down the ctrl button and use your mousewheel button to scroll up”
Was trying to avoid that too.

I guess I will need to hire another employee.

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