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Is there another way to get my tax information from last year?

Asked by Blackberry (31779points) January 22nd, 2010

For my taxes this year, I was told I would need my return and/or AGI from last year. Well last year my now ex-wife did our taxes so she has all the information and won’t give it to me because she hates me and told me to give her money for it (screw that). So does that mean I won’t be able to do them or is there another way to get my tax information from last year? Thank you.

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“You have two easy and convenient options for getting copies of your federal tax return information—tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts—by phone or by mail.

Request transcripts by calling 1–800-829–1040, or order by mail using IRS Form 4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return). We do not charge a fee for transcripts. Allow two weeks for delivery.”


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All you have to do is suppy your social securtiy number to access you tax returns.

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Thanks a lot guys : ) I got the info.

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