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How can I learn Spanish on my iPhone?

Asked by nickbaum (49points) January 22nd, 2010

Hi all,

I’m traveling for 3 months, of which the last month will be spent in South America. I’m thinking it’d be good to pick up some Spanish before then.

I’m looking for the following:
* Either great Spanish lessons in MP3 format
* Or even better, an awesome iPhone app (more interactive, exercises, etc). However, I’ll be out of cell reception, so it has to work without an internet connection.

Any suggestions much appreciated!


PS: I posted a similar question about my Kindle, but that doesn’t seem like the way to go :)

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Is a book too last century or are you an ultra light backpacker?

You can probably download mp3 stuff if you dig around the internet. You could also buy a CD program and convert to mp3. But honestly, if you really want to lay a good foundation for a new language you should really start with a book that is heavy on the grammar. I have various CD programs for various languages and they are no where near as good as the Spanish textbook I have.

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I’m sure if you type “spanish” in the iTunes store tons of podcasts and apps will show up. Give it a go ;-)

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Where in South America? Be aware that Brazil likes Portugese, though they have much more cognates. I can operate my iPod in Portugese.

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No. The Spanish teacher wouldn’t let you bring it to class. ;-)

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there is a translator app that is free its called um international something (not literally international ’‘something’’ it just starts with international). Come to think of it it actually might be called international translator. Sorry its not that interactive but its free and you can learn any words you want! Just type a message and convert it into the language you want! Peace out!

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I have an iphone app called 24/7 Spanish it worked for me.

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