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What is the difference between Belgian waffles and Belgium waffles?

Asked by Chikipi (1838points) January 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

My friend and I were discussing waffles and I said Belgian waffles she then corrected me and said they were Belgium waffles. They are both on google with I search, but no clear answer defines the difference between the two. Are they made different? Taste different? If it’s the same type of waffle why are they called Belgian waffles and Belgium waffles?

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Belgium is the country and a noun. Belgian is the adjective and hence the correct modifier for waffles. Google needs editing often.

So that delicious thing covered in whipped cream and strawberries is a Belgian waffle.

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Well, Belgium is the location. Belgian is something originating from the location.
So Belgium waffles are shaped like it, while Belgian waffles are made the way the Belgian people make them.

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First, what @gailcalled said.

Second, my guess is that people who write (or say) it as “Belgium waffles” have never really seen it in print before so they are somehow writing a misheard mispronounciation, sort of like the way people will write “suppose to” instead of supposed to, or “could of done” instead of could’ve done.

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@Sarcasm: Could you make a waffle shaped like this?

Now I could see a Colorado or Nevada waffle.

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Wow, I did not know this. Thanks for the question and the answers.

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@gailcalled Well, I could easily do a pancake like that, you just get something like a cookie cutter, shaped like Belgium, pour the mix in and turn up the heat.
I guess for Belgium Waffles you’d have to get a custom made waffle iron specifically for that shape. Or just cut the shape out afterward.

I’ve heard stranger food requests.

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@gailcalled Well then what about ‘Wisconsin Cheddar’?

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@Sarcasm: @gemiwing

Harvard beets, Philly ice cream (combo orange sherbert and chocolate ice cream), Philly cheese steak (better than ice cream combo), Alaskan salmon, Maine lobster, Vermont maple syrup, Georgia peach…it is all rather arbitrary, isn’t it?

But not France fries, British toffee, Scotland shortbread, Greece salad…..

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I’m sorry but pancakes are the special of the day.

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Well, Gail gave the correct answer but if one wanted to look at it from another perspective, there is another difference.

If you wanted to specify waffles which were actually made within the borders of Belgium as opposed to Belgian-style waffles made anywhere else in the world, this would come in handy. It saves one from typing out that long explanatory phrase :)

….just a little free time saving advice for your future typing convenience. Enjoy.

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