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Does anyone know a free download for toast for mac?

Asked by chian (554points) January 23rd, 2010

Hello does anyone know of a free download for mac computers so i can burn photos on to cd’s? If possible send me the exact link!

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umm, i can find one for ya just give me sometime, im asuming your using a mac book. be patient.

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ok great thanks so much

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im calling my mixing engineer now its a little early so he may still be sleeping, but we have a G-5 so im sure he can answer that with no problem, just give him a couple hours to respond, i left him a message, if you haven’t found a solution in the next couple hours just p.m me and ill call him again.

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cool thanks life after

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Toast isn’t free. Use Burn instead. It is free and open source and will do what you want.

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@johnpowell I agree.

I’ve been using Burn just about every time I’ve needed to burn something.

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thanks guys!

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