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What are your 3 favorite albums of all time?

Asked by life_after_2012 (1205points) January 23rd, 2010

i ask because my ipod was stolen from my car a couple months ago and i just bought a new one and im about to spend alot of doe ( money ) filling this new ipod with music, but i want more variety in my ipod, before all i had was alot of hip hop, and studio rock ( if you know what i mean ). i figure the collective are filled with very interesting, positive, and cool people so im sure ill get some very good suggestions,

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The Stone Roses first LP

Raw Melody Men by New Model Army

As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 by 2manyDJs

shame I’m only allowed three as I think at least three albums could take that third spot!

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The Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd.Stevie Ray Vaughan-In the Beginning and the third is Norah Jones-Come Away With Me

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Wilhelm Furtwangler/ Berlin Beethoven Symphony Cycle from 1938, Barbirolli’s 1958 Vaughn Williams Symphony Cycle. Moody Blues “Every Good Boy Deserves Favor”.

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The Beatles:Revolver
U2: The Joshua tree
Led Zeppelin:Led Zep IV

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1. “Songs for Only the Lonely” (Sinatra)
2. Dark Side of the Moon” (Pink Floyd)
3. Anything by Nat King Cole, Mel Torme, Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra (pre-‘75), early Elvis, Moody Blues, Brahms, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Aaron Copeland, and so many others.

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Pink Floyd, wish you were here.
Dire Srtaits, Self-Titled.
Bob Marley, To Catch a Fire.
and you can subsitute any of the above with Thievery Corporation’s, ‘The Mirror Conspiracy’.

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Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables-Dead Kennedys
Seventh son of a seventh son-Maiden
Ziggy Stardust-David Bowie

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Queen’s Platinum Selection – Queen (duh)
Ta-Dah – Scissor Sisters
The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

For some reason this has remained unchanged for a few years now. Which is odd for me.

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Michael Jackson

Thriller album X 3.

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Bob DylanBlonde on Blonde
The Rolling StonesLet It Bleed
The DoorsThe Doors

That was really hard.

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Contra – Vampire Weekend
X&Y – Coldplay
I’ll get back to you with a third one…

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its dough, not doe….

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The Beatles-The White Album
Green Day-American Idiot
The Raconteurs-Consolers of the Lonely

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The Beatles White Album
Pink Floyd Dark Side Of the Moon
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks
Rolling Stones Let It Bleed
Queen A Night At The Opera

I am skitz, so I get 6 choices instead of 3

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Of all time, Kanye?

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
Radiohead – In Rainbows
Beatles – Abbey Road

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Radiohead The Bends
Dave Matthews Band Under The Table and Dreaming
The Smiths The Queen is Dead

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Queen A Night at the Opera (jinx @filmfann)
Pachelbel’s Canon Greatest Hits of the Baroque
Vivaldi L’Estro Armonico (The Academy of Ancient Music Christopher Hogwood)

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Physical Graffitti Led Zeppelin
Stationtostation David Bowie
The RisE and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars David Bowie

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1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Wish You Were Here
2. Depeche Mode – Violator
3. The Police – Synchronicity

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@iLove I saw Depeche Mode Violator tour at the EUR stadium in Rome in 1990. Awesome!

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Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
Frank Zappa – Joes Garage side I, II, and III
Little Feet – Waiting for Columbus

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I got to see Depeche Mode this past summer. They put on a great show.

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Yeah, I say Songs of Faith and Devotion too. David Gahan is a little strange but they do put on a hell of a show. Love all those minors!

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Pink Floyd – Echoes
The Beatles – White Album
The Doors – self titled debut album

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Muse’s new album isn’t too shabby either. They would be in there at number 4.

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@uberbatman – i could find “its dough, not doe” in google or yahoo, i geuss they pretty much suck! ain’t don’t make any doe!! G.F.Y

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The Beatles The White Album
Pearl Jam Live on Two Legs
Alice in Chains Jar of Flies

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I saw Depeche Mode last year at the Hollywood Bowl. Awesome. I was at the Rose Bowl show in 1988.

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@tinyfaery we didn’t get to see them play all that long. It was at Lollapalooza (so, we heard maybe, 5 songs). I would definitely be down for seeing them as main act.

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Ah, my third!
Resistance – Muse

Thanks @jmah!

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I like most of the albums mentioned above, but here is some newer stuff.

-Oracular Spectacular by MGMT (some good stuff to kick back to, but it is an acquired taste.)

-Takk by Sigur Ros

-Good News For People Who Like Bad News by Modest Mouse

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(Still one of my favorite songs).

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Abbey Road by The Beatles
Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Sea Change by Beck

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This is going to be tough.

1) Who’s NextThe Who
2) Comfort EagleCake (Ditto @Sarcasm)
3) Ga Ga Ga Ga GaSpoon

Runners up:
Modern GuiltBeck
Vampire WeekendVampire Weekend
CommuniqueDire Straits

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Close to the Edge ~ Yes
Bridge Across Forever ~ Transatlantic
The Garden ~ Unitopia


Deadwing ~ Porcupine Tree
Wake Pig ~ 3
The Wait of Glory ~ Proto-Kaw

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Pretty Hate Machine – Nine Inch Nails
Ride The Lightening – Metallica
Nevermind – Nirvana

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Counting Crows – August & Everything After
U2 – Joshua Tree
Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

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Jane’s Addiction- Jane’s Addiction
Neil Young- Harvest
The Raconteurs- Broken Boy Soldiers

@cbloom8 great list!

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Because these haven’t been mentioned yet

Dire Straits: Makin’ Movies
The Squirrel Nut Zippers: HOT!
Simon and Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Peter Gabriel: So
Paul Simon: Graceland
John Lennon: Imagine

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Gorillaz: Demon Dayz
Tool: Aenema
Dream Theater: Systematic Chaos

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@Ruallreb8ters Lurve for Dream Theater!

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@life_after_2012 are you fucking serious…..

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For me, the top 50 would be hard to narrow down, and put a gun to my head I can probably come up with the top ten, but the top 3…that’s like asking a guy with a lot of kids to pick which 3 he wants to live. I can’t do it…I want to do it, but I can’t.

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Toto- Toto IV
Alterbridge- One Day Remains
Tait- Empty

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@jmah , @Trillian

I saw them too. THEY ROCKED SO HARD. I couldn’t believe how amazing the sound was, perfect, like sitting in front of the greatest sound system in the world listening to their CDs.

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Rocking the Suburbs – Ben Folds

I liked that one.

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Ocean Colour Scene : Moseley Shoals
U2 : Achtung Baby
Elbow : Seldom Seen Kid

(The Doors : Morrison Hotel and David Bowie : Ziggy stardust as runners up)

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