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Does anyone have gift ideas for a lady about to turn 80?

Asked by chyna (42184points) January 23rd, 2010

My mother will be 80 in February and I need some gift ideas. She is homebound a lot, but can drive herself to the store, to get her hair done, church, etc. She doesn’t like to read, so books are not a good idea.

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What does she like to do?

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80 of something she loves.

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Pay for her next hair cut and maybe a mani and pedi if she is into that. Would she enjoy a massage, a special meal cooked by you or at a restaurant, a re-enactment of your brothers stuffing you into the clothes hamper?

A perfect gift is a scrap book of pictures, notes, cards, recollections…get her friends and family to submit small essays. We did that for my bro-in-law’s 50th since he loathes stuff.

The writers wrote, the artists drew, the photographers sent pix, the dogs pasted in some dry leaves and a small rabbit bone. My b-i-l loved it.

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massage is nice. also if she likes cooking get her a new appliance that makes her cooking easier. for ppl about 80 the homeshopping network or qvc is your best bet to find something useful that will make her life alot easier.

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@gailcalled Thanks for remembering the story of my brothers stuffing me in the clothes hamper. I am snorting laughing!
All good ideas so far.
@janbb As far as I can tell, the only thing that keeps her interest is word search puzzles.

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Maybe treat her to an outing like a restaurant meal and play tickets? I always think experiences are better than stuff; especially after a certain age.

I also like Gail’s idea of a scrapbook with photos and tributes.

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siigh, nobody likes QVC

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That Depends, what does she like?

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An outing to a casino?

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you could get all family and close friends to write letters of thanks to her…how she has touched people’s lives, what people love about her etc… present them rolled up in scrolls, tied individually with beautifully different coloured ribbons in a gorgeous decorated box perhaps in her favourite colour, wrap it in silk

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@johnpowell That was wrong! Funny but wrong!

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If she is watching her pennies the way many seniors are, gift cards for her local pharmacy and grocery store.

Would she enjoy listening to books on CD? Or CDs of old radio shows that she listened to in the pre-TV years?

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For my 50th, the kids (two of mine, their partners) and my three step-sons wrote me a long and funny poem. I have it framed and still laugh when I read it. Six of the seven were professional writers and had outré senses of humor. My two got that gene from me, as it happens.

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SKYDIVING!! jk, well… maybe not.

My grandparents are all about 80 now and there’s not much they don’t have or haven’t done… I think a good gift is just a nice dinner or get together with friends and/or family.

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A paid up salon visit, new outfit and trip out to brunch or dinner with people she enjoys that will include pictures taken of the outing.

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Last christmas, we(the whole family) split a big screen for her from Wallly world. She told us we spent too much but, it wasn’t to bad when split 6 ways. We hooked it up for her and she loaded the DVD of her recent trip to Alaska with my mom. Because of her failing eyesight, it was the first time she could see the pics of her trip. Worth every penny. She turned 90 last week.

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Perhaps some certificates for services around the house. No one likes their home to get scrappy, but it gets harder to keep it up to snuff. And it’s fun to get stuff done with someone who loves you, even if you’re able to slowly creep around and do it alone in short bursts.

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@alamo She already has a big screen TV. (But I don’t.)
I do have some old 8mm home movies on a VCR tape, so that may be something to include in the festivites. I like the ideas of certificates to the beauty shop etc. I think she would appreciate having her hair fixed and already paid for.
@gailcalled I think she would appreciate a poem too. I’ll start working on that now.
All good ideas from everyone, except @johnpowell.~ :)

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