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Im looking for a young kitten, does anyone know of anyone selling one or giving one away?

Asked by isquidly (28points) January 23rd, 2010

i live in the jersey city area, and am looking for a kitten around the age of 1½ to 3 months. if anyone knows of any available in this area i would appreciate it thanks.

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Have you looked on Craigslist for your area? You have to be careful of scammers, but that is how I found my wonderful dog.

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Go to a rescue shelter. That way you are saving a life, too. Welocome to Fluther!

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I second going to a rescue shelter.

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I got my cat at a shelter in ‘96. She’s still with me. Yaayy Kitty scoop!

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We just got two shelter cats and they rock. The baby thinks my face is a bed but I don’t really mind.

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ive tried shelters and i want the cat as a gift and shelters sometimes have troublesome processes for adoptions i was already turned down in one becuase i said that my girlfriend wanted to get the cat declawed and they didnt like that….bastards so im looking for a person selling or giving them away. i tried craigslist already and im asking here just in case theres someone that hasnt put an add up and knows of kittens that need homes.

thanx for the welcome =)

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Save your pennies, then head to your local Animal Shelter and adopt one.

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@isquidly: Here are eight shelters in or near Jersey City;

Please rethink the declawing issue. Would you like your fingers amputated at the first knuckle?

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@isquidly That’s odd. the shelter I got my cat from had spaying as part of my commitment, and they went through the Army vet clinic on base. De-clawing as an additional option was made easier to obtain if you had both done at the same time and you got a discount.
I didn’t think about it at the time, @gailcalled. Up until then, de-clawing was academic, as I never had a cat before. It was something I heard about but never gave much thought. She was in some pain when she came home. I put her in her little fooffy cottage I had bought and let her stay on my bed. I asked the dr for some pain meds and he said best not, that she’d maybe tear open her stitches if she moved around much. She forgave me, but I’ve thought to myself since then that if I ever got another cat, I’d not have her claws taken out.

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@gailcalled he said his gf wanted the cat declawed, not him. but i agree, i learned about the declawing process and i feel so bad for the cats. sure it saves your brand new couch some scratches but its so damn mean to the kitties.

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Please don’t declaw. It’s just cruel and mean, and do you want the cat to get the shit beat out of it if it ever got outside and encountered a mean cat or a raccoon?

Try an animal shelter or CL. Kitten season is coming up, there should be loads of them in shelters/CL in the next few months.

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Give her a certificate for free claw clipping sessions every month, and that way she won’t have to have the kitten de-clawed. You can find a kitten at your local veterinarian. Pay for the shots and spay service up front, and the kitty is yours.

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Get one at the humane society( or a place like that). They are soooo adorable, cheap, has gotten its shots and have already been neutered/spayed. I’ll speak against declawing tho. I have had a cat for 7 months and it tries to claw at the furniture and it dosen’t do any damage. If anything, you can teach it to not scratch certain things. (or get a scartching post)

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