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How can I get my dog to lose weight?

Asked by The_Clouded_Mind (87points) January 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

He is a 9 year old Rottweiler
and weighs 140 pounds I try to excercise him but he has really bad arthritis.
How can I help him?

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This isn’t meant to come off as flippant, but give him less to eat! It’s not so easy, because our dogs have us trained to feed them, and we like giving them pleasure, but even if it makes him unhappy, which it may, you really have to cut down on his food intake. It is so much better for his health.

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I have cut him down alot.
I don’t give him table food and he is on a special low fat diet I feed him two cups of food 3 times a day…is that too much?

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If he is fat, it is too much. And when he does lose weight, it will be easier for him to get around – a positive cycle!

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Cut back his food intake. Dogs will litterly eat themselves to death.

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My Aussie Terrier had an underactive thyroid gland. When I rescued him, his name was Tubby (yuck). I changed it to Tobi. He live to be 17 years old and died a few years ago.
Have the vet check the thyroid hormones.

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@jamcanfi74 “Dogs will litterly eat themselves to death” Isn’t that the truth? My dog will eat until she’s sick to her stomach… and after she goes and eats some grass, she’ll go right back over to her bowl and start scarfing down again. She’ll do it almost reluctantly. Needless to say, she’s a little on the chubby side.

Have you taken the dog to the puppy doc? Maybe he can help you with how much you should be feeding him, or check him for other probable reasons for his weight gain.

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I found it so much easier to get my dog to lose weight than me. (If only someone else had control of my food!) My cocker ate twice a day, but when he was too heavy, just cutting back by ¼ cup or so of food at each meal and keeping the table scraps to a minimum helped get him trim and he was more comfortable.

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What kind of food are you feeding him? Food with a lot of grain is very bad for dogs. I recommend a high quality food. Or raw food.

If you are going to cut down on his food, follow recommendations on how much to feed.

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@Marina wins her choice of prizes from the second shelf. You need to study the ingredients of the dog food, and reject any with grain. Take a look at EVO.

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I have him on authority adult weight managment.

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There is a good website that I have tried, and it gives lots of advice on how to get weight down, exercise them and what supplements to give them.

Hope it works and good luck.

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you are giving him soooooo much food!! Dog food you buy at the store is mainly carbs, which is completely unnatural to eat for a carnivore. Go to your vet and they will tell you the same thing, they will give you a high protein dog food and tell you how much he should be eating for his size – your dog will slim down, safely, in no time!

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I give my little porker Canidae because the meat additives are USDA and there are no added gluten fillers which are empty calories. He gets a measured amount twice a day and it really improved his temperament and even his weight though he still gets to many “side” treats. The food is about $1.00 more a bag than what I used to pay for grocery store brands but I had to google stores that would carry it, mostly feed stores rather than major pet stores.

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Do you have him on any medication to help him be more mobile? It looks like use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen is somewhat controversial for dogs but some vets do recommend it. Glucosamine helps dogs with arthritis in the same way it does humans.

We have a chow hound and one startegy we use is too pick up the dish after an hour so she can’t go back for a “snack” later. We also only give dry food except on Chrsitmas when she gets canned. And no table scraps at all that part’s easy because she has liquid bowel movements whenever her routine is changed

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2 cups three times a day sounds excessive to me. I would cut down to 1½ cup each meal and see if that helps. Ask your vet for some pain medication for the dog, so he can get more exercise.

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@hungryhungryhortence I’m also a big fan of Canidae. My puppy’s breeder recommended it, and my puppy has been gaining weight nicely. Not too much, not too little.

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