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My cat eats all the time?

Asked by jamcanfi74 (444points) January 23rd, 2010

I’ve never had a cat like this before. She will eat, go play and then come back for more. We cant keep her dish full because she will eat it all and beg you for more. I think she’s just bored or something. Does anyone else have a cat that does this or knows why mine is like this? She is completly healthy and nothing is wrong with her. Vet says so.

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Wow, it’s a busy day for cat questions.

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Don’t let your cat self-feed. Put out a carefully measured amount of food, twice each day, and make sure there is fresh water.

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Some breeds of cats are prone to overeating. Two of my cats are obsessed with food, and one of them is already quite overweight. We can’t keep them with a bowl full of dry food or they’ll eat it all and get dehydrated. Meanwhile, the other cat prefers to eat little meals throughout the day. Each time we go to feed the old cat, the others act swarm around like piranhas, waiting for the chance to steal his food.

It’s just in the nature of some cats to be like that, I guess. Not much you can do about it as far as I know.

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You just need to give her the prescribed amount of food and no more. She had trained you to feed her on demand.

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I believe some animals can self feed and others cannot. My little doggie came from an abusive home and goes into frenzy over any kind of food even though he eats like a prince so we give him measured kibble twice a day and he cajoles goodies where he can. One of my mother’s cats could self feed and her measure of food would last through the day but the other cat would gulp her own all down at once and then try to get into the first cat’s food so we had to put the bowls in separate areas. It also didn’t help my dog would go looking for the cat food.

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Of the three cats I have had over the years, the first two had a self feeder. They could eat as much as they wanted, anytime they wanted it. Neither of them was ever overweight.
The cat I have now, I started her out that way, but when I had her spayed, the vet said that she was getting a little bit fat and asked how much she was eating. I had no idea, but apparently it was too much. I was told to only give her a measured amount of dry food or one can, 5.5 oz. of canned food a day. ½ in the morning and ½ later in the day.
I am now having the same problem as you are @jamcanfi74. She begs for food all day long. Acts like she is starving and bothers us constantly. I don’t know what to do either.

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I think if we stick to the feeding twice a day, morning and night wilma, our girls will realize that they can’t push us around and stop giving us greef. We have to remember that they wont starve to death if they don’t have food for a couple of hrs after all we don’t do we? lol

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