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What game console should I buy?

Asked by melvin95 (1points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

wii xbox 360 playstation 3

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I feel That the xbox 360 is the better console I have all 3 and I playmy 360 the most

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yeah I have to go with the xbox360 also. Well since they have pink controllers and all. : )

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My husband and I really enjoy the wii. Plus some of the games give you a little workout :)

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the wii is best for entertaing if you have friends over and for gaming 360 is the best

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If you are a hard core gamer go for the ps3 it offers the most means of entertainemsnt and by next year the games coming out for it will be FAR superior to the xbox (games have only used 40%of its power to date) if ur a little younger or have kids go for the wii if u want good games now and can’t wait then take the 360 btw the ps3 has a DVR add on coming which gives you another reason it will be the ultimate entertainemsnt box

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I would have to say the Wii is more oriented for kids. They have a lot of catoon looking games and not many of the main block buster games. And it’s a completely different style of play. If you like being up and moving around a lot while playing then get the Wii. I personally like just hanging out when I play video games.

As for the Xbox 360 vs. PS3, its a pretty close tie. I would have to go with Xbox though just because of the mere fact of Galo 3

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If you enjoy movies, TV shows, etc at all, I would highly recommend the PS3. It is the only game console that has a built-in Blu-Ray player, giving it the overall advantage over the 360 or Wii. Blu-Ray is the latest and greatest of video and audio technology, allowing for the best high definition picture and sound available today, assuming you are able to connect to an HDTV.

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