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How are my kids getting on to my home computer if it has a Windows password?

Asked by jammyjam (34points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

How are they bypassing the password to log onto the computer. I have windows XP

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lol, how old are they? When I was little I downloaded a keylogger to record my mom’s aol password (she had the master account where parental controls were).

Also, they might have created a new user and hidden it from the login list. This is done through the registry.

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15 years old. They don’t do it anymore but won’t say how they got on in the first place.

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Most likely they did one of the above. Check the control panel to see how many users there are… Should just be the admin and your account.

They might also be using what is called a mobile OS, that they have on a CD/DVD or a thumb drive. The whole OS is on that medium, and when they start the computer they get the option to load that instead of xp. It gives unrestricted access to the Internet, but is not suitable for gaming.

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Well ya know what teenage boys look at girls girls girls thanks. Bye

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It’s too easy for kids to access a computer, keyloggers, changing passwords. I used to change my dads administrative rights. Kids know more about computers because we grew up with them. But as to security, change your password, delete suspicious files that you didn’t download. And make sure your the administrator and that here are no other accounts, or you could create a limited account (which means your kids can’t access your files) for them. I hope I helped.

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I agree with fortris. In ways, it’s almost impossible to protect a computer from kids because as any security expert knows, the most vulnerable computer is one that the perpetrator has physical access to.

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Reminds me of the things I did as a preteen in the 90s on my parents’ computer. We had AOL dialup back then, the fastest internet back then [56.6k LOLOL], and my mom tried to limit us from going online. But I was addicted.

She kept her password secret and would not allow us near so we could peek. We had to leave the room. Once she would allow me to sign on, under her screen name [the only one available], I created a new account name. Now of course, she would see it in the drop down on the sign in screen. So I hacked the AOL client and caused the second name to not be seen. All that showed was a blank entry; the dropdown still existed but there wasn’t anything written in the second slot.

I even gave myself the same admin rights she had in the master account… ah, the days.

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