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Should I exercise this morning?

Asked by nebule (16436points) January 24th, 2010

I would usually do a DVD (step, aerobics) of sorts for an hour, quite energetic stuff. I haven’t exercised since Friday… I usually exercise 4–5 times a week and Sunday is generally one of my days.

However, I wrenched my shoulder muscle and I think it might have torn it slightly earlier on in the week, it’s been really painful but is beginning to feel better. I wouldn’t want to exercise today though and put it back to square one. I’m also feeling pretty tired because Theo is waking up at 5.30–6.00am at the moment every day and it’s draining me.

But I don’t know whether I’m just being lazy and should get up and do some exercise… What do you do when you feel like this? Would exercising make you feel better? Or do you think I should just have a warm bath, relax and rest given the shoulder injury?

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Pick it back up on Monday. Sometimes you just need to take a break to recharge.

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ok then x lol :-D

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If you do exercise, be sure not to work the shoulder!

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go for a hike instead

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Fuck exercising. You only live once.

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@Sampson I totally agree!!!!

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Nah, sleep in. That’s what I’m gonna do. We can sleep in together!

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well I’ve just had a lovely bath, in which I read until Theo wanted to join me, then we played…he has this wicked bath basketball set and a fountain…. much much better than doing aerobics.. loved your answer @Sampson!

@loser I’d love to sleep in… oh how amazing would that be…to actually get some sleep… or was that a euphemism for something else? ;-) xxx where you been anyway…not seen you for a bit…

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You shouldn’t stress too much over exercisin’, it’s not really gonna do you any good.. Try and find a sport you really enjoy or an active hobby… =D

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@j3fr0 like wine tasting? ;-) lol… oh you said active thanks guys I am feeling no guilt at all about not doing my exercises x

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Haha @lynneblundell if you gotta run over 10k to get to the vineyards then thats all good I suppose… =P

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Well I will be excerising in the next hour. I normally read a book while I am on the exercise bike. I don’t think light exercise would harm your shoulder.

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I have to be in alot of pain to not exercise.If you are still in alot of pain,maybe you could try a different form of exercise or do stretches instead.

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A bit of cardio, staying away from the upper body work. I just got in from doing 10k on the skis, the temporary endorphin boost almost makes life worth living.
Are you putting heat on the shoulder? Maybe some light range-of-motion work (no weights) will help with the stiffness.

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Put Theo in front of the TV with a good movie, make a Bloody Mary…fill the bathtub with bubble bath….and take a break and let the shoulder heal another day. Funny how my shoulder suddenly hurts….

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Yes, I’d put heat on the affected area and work out some other part of the body today.

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Let Sunday be your day of rest….....completely. after the baby goes to sleep, so should you. your body is telling you something. are you listening? i excercise, also. when i know i have reached the max or create an injury to myself, i know its time for rest. you could re-injure your shoulder and could lead to more serious problems.


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@Cruiser That is probably one of the best things you can possibly do. I understand you are probably just exercising to stay healthy and not to do any sports, however no matter what kind of exercise you do, it is good to rest. You need to let your muscles heal and grow stronger, just take it easy and have a nice day.

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oh dear please don’t tell me off anyone… but Theo just roped me into helping him sword fight on the Wii… and…well… let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be exercising tomorrow either… will have to go for a long walk and perhaps some other form of exercise that doesn’t involve shoulders…:-(

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R’uh-r’oh! Ice pack STAT!

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Sounds like you could take a few days off,
totally forget about your exercise routine, relax and do nothing.
Doing nothing is actually something you do, that has amazing benefits.

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ice pack on shoulder although proving difficult…to type! is it supposed to hurt more with ice on it???

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Sometimes ice feels uncomfortable, but it’s what a new injury needs. Have you got enough cloth between the ice and your skin? Don’t want frostbite. Just rest now, Lynne.

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thanks guys xxx

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ibuprofen or aleve too with some food in your stomach. NSAIDs actually decrease inflammation in addition to helping with pain. And the usual routine with sports injuries is ice for the first 24 hours, then heat.

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…um…constant ice is that?

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No, not constant. 10 to 20 minutes – wrap it in a thin towel. In between times, let it warm up until your skin doesn’t feel cold to the touch anymore. Ice is helpful because it reduces swelling by constricting the blood vessels as well as numbing the pain. You can use it off and on for up to 3 days.

Found a good website with info on various kinds of shoulder injuries.

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So, it’s probably a good excuse to let go of your regimen and relax and heal.
I see a miraculous chiropracter for a couple weeks, maybe a month a year then I am set, until the next physical trauma. It’s a once a year episode thing, but a good chiro which is hard to find, can do wonders.

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Wow thanks @MagsRags an excellent website indeed! I’ve most likely damaged my middle deltoid mainly (it feels quite deep and central) and found out what the pulled muscle in my back and round my ribs is too…serratus anterior! I love anatomy so this site is fascinating..huge thanks!

I’ve decided definitely to lay of my usual routine for a few days and rest. I’ll go for a walk with Theo this afternoon, once my body has woken up and just be really strict with my diet for the next few days. Obviously I’ll keep putting ice on my shoulder too today. Thanks everyone xxx

@Garebo I’d love to see a chiropractor, but specialist care costs money that I don’t have unfortunately, never mind x

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I asked a similar question in a swordsclass a couple of days ago. The advice I got was that sometimes when you are tired it is difficult to know if you really should rest, or if you are psychologically trying to use it as an excuse not to go on, and to try the exercise carefully. If the arm (in my case) does not get any worse from it, it should be ok to go on with it; if it does feel worse, then rest. I found it worked in figuring it out.

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UK insurance classify chiro as a specialist and not discount it, or insure-ah things to look forward to in this country-oh pinch me.

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So, how’s the shoulder?

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It’s not doing too bad actually…. I did manage some gentle exercise this morning, but I’ve been very very careful and it’s ok. I’ve not been very good at doing the heat thing tbh…but I’ve been soooo busy these last couple of days… thank you all for your help…

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Thanks for the update. I’m glad it’s getting better. :)

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thanks @augustlan and thanks to @stranger_in_a_strange_land for your PMs… xx

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@lynneblundell Keep the heat on it whenever you can. It not only does good, it feels good too. I wish that I could sent you my hot tub with whirlpool. ((hugs))

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..oh get out!! that’s just naughtiness! x no…

I know your heart is all good! thank you xx lots o’ love x

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Morning aerobics help prime metabolism for start of day. At least take a walk. Don’t need to do upper body until you are ready.

Me, I’m bad right now. I see that early morning sun and say, “Nah, tomorrow I start” and roll over.

Theo is??
your kitty baby? your s/o? your large and pee-needy dog?

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Theo is my son lol…x I’ve actually injured my coccyx since I wrote this post and have had to stop exercise all together but I’m hoping to start exercising again on Monday ready to get some of the pounds off for my holiday in 5 weeks!!!

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