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What's the point of "bottle service" at a club?

Asked by essieness (7698points) January 24th, 2010

Apparently, this is where you pay a ridiculous amount of money for a bottle of liquor and your own special table at a club. I don’t get it. Can anyone explain to me why anyone would do this?

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It’s a douchebag tax.

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It’s exactly as you write. Some people would like to have a table to sit at and enjoy their drinks rather than push for jabby bar space or standing room only. A bottle to pour at your leisure is also more comfortable than waiting on a runner to bring drinks from the bar. People are able to do shots at their own pace and mix their drinks as mild or strong as they like. If you can easily afford it then it’s kind of fun. If you do it just to “be seen” then it’s as @kevbo writes, a douchebag tax.

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@kevbo and @hungryhungryhortence That’s what I thought.

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I don’t go to clubs much (it’s been over a year) but I hated not having anywhere to sit. It can be kinda douchey, but sometimes people just know they’ll want to be able to sit and chill with their friends and don’t want to have to worry about it.

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Why not just go someplace where you don’t have to pay for a table and drink cheaper drinks?

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Also, if you’re dressed nicely in a club that doesn’t offer regular tables, chances are you’re going to get bumped and stepped on/over, spilling your (probably expensive) drink and not being able to have a conversation except shouting in the ear of the people to your immediate right and left, anyone else in your group will be left nodding and grinning but kinda left out.

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One drink and no place to sit or 15 drinks per bottles, mixers included, personal waitress, spots for your friends, I don’t get why you have
to be a douchebag
to enjoy it? There are plenty of douchebags in nightclubs already. Perhaps I’m paying the douchebag tax to get away from the douchebags?
I work in the liquor industry so often times during travel we party like this at the clubs. It’s not
my scene but if you have
to be part of that scene for four hours then a VIP table is the only way to do it.

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We did it once for one of my girlfriends bachelorette party in Vegas. It worked out great because we were able to plan ahead and split the cost of everything between 8 girls which turned out to be pretty good for drinks and your own little spot in a rather crowded and popular venue. Also, since we had already paid for everything before the actual event.. it almost felt as if we weren’t spending money while we partied. I think it was the best way to go and I had a blast.

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If I had the money I would do it and I am no douche obviously

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Ok, I’m seeing how on the right occasion it can be convenient and fun. But doing it regularly seems like a waste. Thanks everyone for the input.

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In a way, it sucks to have to buy a bottle at a club, because usually they are quite expensive. but, it is always at least divided between 2 people, or with how ever many friends you went to the club with. When there is no table/bottle service, the whole time that you are at the club, you must be standing around, and also have to wait at the bar to get a drink. If you have a table you or your friends can sit at any time, or leave anything that you dont want to carry while dancing. (obiously with a friend always at the table). and anyways at a bar you have to pay for every time you have a drink. and if you dont like it, well then that sucks. if you have your own bottle, you can mix with whatever you like, and put as much or as little as you want to… and it really depends on how big of drinkers you and your friends are because , even if the bottle seems expensive in the beginning , it really isnt because you are getting more out of it, then if every drink you get is costing u at least 8$. it really depends on what club you are at and so on.

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The price for a bottle breakdown and why it costs so much.
Usually there are between 15 and 17 drinks per a 750ml. bottle.
If you times 17 drinks by $7.00 is equals, $105.00
If you include the cups, mixers (cranberry, orange juice, bottled water, soda water), limes, lemons and oranges then you could price that somewhere around $50.00 give or take a little.
Then include the area in which you are “renting” for the convenience of it all and let’s assume it is a Friday or Saturday night. I would rate this around $100–400.00. Remember it usually sits eight friends.
Add @kevbo ‘s douchebag tax in for an extra $50.00/
Let’s total it up-
$405.00 a bottle and that is usually the cost, right around $400 a bottle. (if you add the ‘rent’ rate at $200.00)
Seems pretty fair to me. Divide that by 4 people and it’s just $100.00 each. Really not that big of a deal to not have to deal with lines, douchbags and stupid girls.

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