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What exercises should I do?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) January 24th, 2010

I am 13 and very active and strong. I want to do some exercises a couple of times a week to make me stronger. What are some good exercises I could do (and how many). I am looking for exercises that build up strengh (not too much, I am not a guy, and I dont want to be a body builder). Just some good ab,quad, arm muscle exercises.

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It really depends on what you’re looking for. Add some details please.

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Here is a strength building exercise video.

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Bicep curls are an easy way to improve your arm strength. I would also recommend doing some squats to strengthen your back and upper body.

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Use your own body weight to build stregnth. Do push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts and squats. If you cannot afford weights you can take a can of soup and do bicep curls When I was young the only physiacal activity I regularly did was ballet and I was in the top two of my class for physical stregnth. Basically anytime you are using your muscles you are building strength.

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Well I walk my neighbors dogs, and my dogs every week day. The walk are about an hour long.

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Budokon (martial arts/yoga combo) is awesome. Great for building strength.

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Jump rope for hart…. it’s not a good idea to try to build your muscles until they are fully developed

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@jmah that seems really interesting, but how much does it cost?

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@madmax303 my girlfriend bought me a couple of DVD’s (15 bucks a pop). If you can afford it, definitely pick one up. You’ll love it. Great, great workout. :)

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It is not recommended for people under the age of 17 to use weights. Using your own body weight will be better for your joints/ligaments because you still have much growing to do. You will see results if you do situps, pushups and pullups. Try to master balancing on one hand- you will see your shoulders grow.

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I probably know as much as anybody in the gym about what exercises to do to accomplish a certain goal. But I did not know that in the beginning. In the beginning, I went to a trainer and had him train me for several months. That’s what I would recommend for you for starters. What you will gain from just a few weeks of using a knowledgable trainer will outweigh all the books and videos on the subject. I tried those first. BTW….after learning all that good stuff from the trainer, I tried doing it myself for awhile…and then went back to the trainer. If you ask why, you might also ask why every professional golfer has at least one coach, if not more. But, for starters, just a few weeks with a trainer and he or she can then give you a set of exercises you can do on your own. But, you can’t just keep doing the same ones and expect to maintain good shape. They need to be changed regularly.

As for becoming a bodybuilder, do you know of any female tennis stars who look like body builders? They do loads of strength training of the right type.

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Pilates, light barbell workouts with lots of reps, martial arts like Tai Kwon Do will work you out and build strength you didn’t know you had.

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@gemiwing how do you balance on one hand????? just wondering

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thanks for the good responses everyone:) tae kwon do and budokon sound realllly interesting to me

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If you want something to really help out get the large exercise ball. Its great for building core balance and will help you throughout your life. So many people get injuries during exercise because they have very little core balance and you tend to build whatever side you use most. Once you have that, any cardio workout would do great to keep you in shape and you’ll be less likely to suffer injuries. The exercise ball comes with instructions on how to use it and gives you great examples of exercises that will work on your legs, stomach and even chest and waist. It will take a while to train your body to balance on it but its worth it and once you do the exercises will tone any area you want without making you bulky.

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I would second @Pandora . Core muscle is essential. I would also name just one exercise that builds legs and balance (a critical ability) and that would be lunges.

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@ultimatemaster time to go home. Mommy is calling.

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@madmax303 – It’s really hard to do and it sounds like a great challenge for you. You can either go into a headstand and then remove one hand. Another way is to do a pushup and remove your feet, eventually progressing to removing one of your hands as well.

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@gemiwing hmmmm that sounds interesting. maybe ill try working on that but my balance is not the greatest.haha

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Wondering if plyometrics is OK for this young man? Other than jumping rope. M.M.

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@12_func_multi_tool UMmmmmmmmm i am a YOUNG WOMAN!!!! not a YOUNG MAN for your info

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@madman’s I’m really sorry, no insult intended, I many times write he/she but mostly in the masculine. Also I probably failed to read the above info and neglected to look up your profile. I don’t know how I can make it up but if you can forgive or at least overlook my insensitive error it would ease my shame.
May I suggest a few things? plyometrics are sudden explosive moves that stimulate the muscles in a different way. For example, while doing push up on the floor don’t just push up try to make it as explosive as possible as if to raise the upper body into the air. This can be applied to any exercise, usually not with weights. Do negative reps, negative reps are when you apply more weight to a barbell than you can lift, have a partner or trainer lift it up to the top position and then, slowly, very slowly lower it down to the bottom; to the chest as it would be in a simple bench press. Also do not worry about becoming muscle bound, it’s a myth, a woman’s physiology won’t allow it. If it were true, well lets just say the bodybuilding community would be ecstatic. You need to change your routine monthly. You need to shock the muscles into action, they will get used to single exercises and become lazy. So shock and shake them up every month to keep their intentions of getting strong. Stretching is important to fend off injury, but that is an entire chapter unto itself. Elliptical and stair steppers are great low impact cardio. Google a chart to calculate your optimum heart rate training level. I’ve looke up plenty of the charts, sorry can’t remember which.
This is all I have at the moment. I do hope you succeed in your goals and intentions.
Faithfully yours young LADY from multitool

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@12_func_multi_tool That is okay. dont worry i forgive you. :) thanks for the advice!♫

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