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Tomorrow is my mom's birthday...

Asked by ishotthesheriff (1555points) March 1st, 2008

i’m screwed. i have no idea what to do! i hate buying people gifts other people have made. i don’t see the value in it. and i can’t do what i did with say, my friend taylor (search my other b-day question haha) b/c she’s my mom and that’d just be so weird.

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Gift of massage, spa services (facials, reflexology), pedicure, a nice dinner out, or a nice home-cooked dinner in (by you). Future services; cut the lawn, paint a room, garden, drive sibs places, vacuuming – I loved those sorts of things from my kids rather than flowers and chocs.

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The best gift a mom can receive is to be proud of their son.

I suggest you use your photography to create a visual reminder that will make her feel proud of you every time she looks at it.

Also use a blank card to write about how special it is to have her as a mom.

Throw in one of the above suggestions from gailcalled and I think she will be very pleased.

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get her a digital photo frame and load it up with family photos.

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already did that her last birthday [;
haha, thanks though. much appreciated

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