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I need help with my psp1003 and connecting it to router .

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) January 25th, 2010

Right here’s the story , :
My PSP -1003 I enter all the details correctly for my Livebox , When it comes to testing the connection I get these messages . :
1: Connecting to the access point…....

2: exchanging key information….....

3: A connection error has occurred . The key information exchange timed out .

This happens every time , and yes I have entered details correctly and yes I press WI-FI association button on the Livebox .

Firmware is 5.50 , I can connect it via remote play to the PS3 . But I need to connect it to the Internet .
I have already had it linked to the internet , but now it doesn’t want to i did everything i did before to set it up . It just fails to do so .

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pano nga ung password

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what is the password plzzzzzzz

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Password is kissmyfkinass.

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