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Are wireless mice reliable?

Asked by Sandydog (1263points) January 25th, 2010 from iPhone

My wife has a fairly new laptop running Vista. The problem we have is that we’ve now had 2 wireless mice that no longer work. Tried everything I can think of like changing batteries, restarting computer, pulling out usb plug and re-installing – nothing !! Is it something to do with Vista? Totally puzzled about whats going on.

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The Apple Magic Mouse is grand, but the key there is Apple.

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I’ve never had a problem with wireless mice. Are you sure the laptop is recognizing the mouse when you stick in the USB receiver? There should be a pop-up on the right side of the taskbar when Windows first sees a new USB device.

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I’m using a logitech wireless mouse it’s good- the one I had before (not logitech) did the same thing you speak of

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Yes it says the USB device is working ok – this is the mystery. When I then press the connect button on the bottom of the mouse nothing happens.

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I love my Logitech bluetooth mouse. Never had a second’s worth of problem with it. I’ve always had good luck with Logitech mice/software.

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My wireless mouse is on its seventh year, and still working fine. I don’t know about Vista, but with XP (yes I know it’s ancient) the Logitech mice seem to work just fine.

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“The problem we have is that we’ve now had 2 wireless mice that no longer work.”

Yep, I’m pretty sure you just answered your own question.

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It is possible that you have a 64-bit Vista and your wireless mouse is not supported. Check your Vista OS version and your wireless mouse manufacturer’s compatibility chart. You may need to download a device driver or firmware updater to get it going.

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I’ve been using a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 for over 6 months now, without a problem, on my laptop computer. I started using it when I had Vista (64-bit version) and there was a seamless transition when I switched over to Windows 7 (64-bit version) also. This same mouse worked equally well when I tried it with my Dell desktop running Windows XP.

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I seem to rough on the usb receiver because It was connecting, then it took some wiggling and flexing it to get it to work and now it is not longer recognizable by the laptop.

The previous wireless mouse failed when the laser (light) stopped working on the bottom.

I will but one more wireless mouse before I give up!

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Yes. I have a Logitech one with a nano receiver and it has never failed me (well except when it needed new batteries.)

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I can’t stand wireless mice personally. Not that they stop working, I just can’t stand the delay in them “waking up” and it seems like every time I really need to use it the batteries are dead.

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With the exception of the issue below, the only problem I have had is when the batteries started losing juice. I’m sure that isn’t your problem, though.

The one I had for a couple of years finally died about a month ago because the USB connector had been bumped up against the arm of my chair too many times. Something got dislodged, I guess.

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Personally, I haven’t had a problem with wireless mice except when the batteries get low.

You mention that nothing happens when you press the “connect” button on the mouse, but did you also hit the one on the receiver? I have to hit two buttons to get mine to sync up. Fortunately, they only “un-sync” when I change batteries

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I wouldn’t consider a hardwired mouse again. Wireless is so much easier.

Some mice require that you sync them with the transmitter by pushing buttons as prompted by lights. It was a nightmare to get the sequence down right and eventually prompted me to get rid of it in favor of: a USB wireless mouse. that mouse gets cranky, but I can always remedy it by switching the transmitter to another USB port.

If you have metal between the mouse and the computer (under a metal desk for example) the signal is weakened and coupled with dying batteries, you will have trouble.

Also, the computer itself emits RF. So if your wireless KEYBOARD or mouse is near the CPU the whole train can go off the tracks.

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