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Introducing new puppy?

Asked by mcw (208points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I’m getting an Australian Shepherd next week. I’m concerned about how my Olde English Bulldogge is going to react. He loves people but is not a fan of other dogs. The puppy is female and my bulldogge is fixed. Should I introduce them in the yard as opposed to bringing her directly in the front door?

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Do it wherever it is your going to keep them, and stay close by. Just hope for the best, but expect the worst! Good Luck

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Start by holding the puppy for long enough to get the scent on you and then spend a few minutes playing with your other dog. Keep them separate for a day or so and do this several times.

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You’ll have to clearly maintain your older dogs status as “dominant”. Even though the tendancy will be to pay more attention to the puppy, make sure that you greet the adult dog first, feed him first, let him out through the door first. If you support his status, he will be less threatened by a interloper in his territory.

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thank you all for your advice I will apply it

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greet them outside of the house and try to take them for a walk at the same time. Dogs tend to attract one another during playtime. Then when you get back to the house always let the shepard enter first before the puppy.

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