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What age difference between two people is too much, in regards to a relationship?

Asked by yourmom (7points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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If it feels good do it.

As far as how others look upon the relationship. A twenty year old with someone 40 will probably be viewed differently than a 60 year old person with a 80 year old.

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I don’t think it really matters. Unless your like 25 and the other is like 60, then you might need to think about.

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My wife is 51 and I’m 42 and I know the 9 years has never been an issue. We are incredibly happy together. If think that if you’re compatible, age doesn’t really matter.

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my dad is 60 and my mom is 44

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I think 9 years is max… 21year old with 30 , 30 with 39 etc… I think anything over ten
interests start to change.

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I would say our society has different expectations for different age ranges. Here is what I mean.

When you are a child, liking someone 1 year older or younger feels taboo.

When you are 18, the range increases to about plus/minus 2–3.

When you are 21, plus 5–10 seems okay.

When you are 30 or so, plus 10 years seems acceptable.

When you are 40 and up, almost anything goes – 15–20+ years is not abnormal.

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Age is totally relative… I think it depends on the people.

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Like others have said, it depends. I feel it is all dependent on the personality and maturity of the two individuals. Unless we are talking 50 to a person under 22. I think that no matter what you just have a little more experience under you at 22.

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Someone asked this question previously, which is related…

As I think I mentioned in that post, I’m 23 and I date a guy who’s 35. There are a LOT of factors that come into play in our relationship—not just age—so you can’t just look at the numbers and make an assessment. so you sort of have to look at the whole picture (including what both people are looking for, where they are in their lives, what they do for a living, what circles they run in, etc) and make a determination about whether or not it works. I’ve dated a lot of guys much closer to my age who I’ve had no connection. I’d rather date someone I adore and be a little taboo than stick to social norms by dating someone my age who I feel lukewarm about. If it works for you, do it.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. So long as the 2 and the law is OK with it, to hell with what anyone else things. If THEY are uncomfortable with it, let them not pay them no mind.

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