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Where do dreams come from?

Asked by TehRoflMobile (780points) January 25th, 2010

I’ve been told that we dream every time we sleep, it is really a matter of if we remember them at all.

I’m just kind of curious because for the past week and a half, since moving, I’ve been having long memorable and crazy dreams.

This hasn’t been typical, before this week I would be lucky if I had a memorable dream once a month.

Do you have any experiences like this or any ideas why this would happen?
I understand this could also be a discussion.

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We do always dream. If do don’t wake up soon after having them, you don’t remember them, though. I would suppose that if you have more of a reason to wake up, then you will remember more of your dreams. Also, what you’ve been eating can be a factor.

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From the ether? I don’t know. Dreams can seem so real; because of that I think that maybe the dreams actually happened or are happening in another dimension. Like Sliders! Remember that show? Anyways… This is an excellent question @TehRoflMobile! Also, I would like to know why I run slow if being chased in all of my dreams. _

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Your subconscious. Get a dream dictionary, it’s really quite surprising what something so weird in a dream actually means. I have crazy dreams but keeping a dream diary (if you wake up during your sleep or right after waking up, write what you had dreamed about) and then researching on it when you have time is amazing, it helped me with some difficult to understand dreams. Sometimes you don’t always realise what your subconscious is trying to tell you but a dream dictionary
I swear I read that the more dreams you remember having, the higher your IQ. Still not sure about it, but neat little thing.
Anywho, you have about several dreams during a regular sleep period.

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Your subconcious. Dreams often are your brain’s way of sifting through everything you did that day and sorting it into your memory. Often my dreams are very symbolic of things that have happend to me during the day. They can also come from things happening around you while you’re sleeping: ex- today I was watching CSI and fell asleep. In my dream I was at home eating dinner and there were gunshots. The gunshots were noise from the tv but in my dream it was people coming after us.

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technically, i don’t think there really is such a thing as a “conscious.” :P
instead, i’m going to speculate for now that your memories, experienced without focus = your dream experiences.

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As for me, I’ve found that a change in situation (new home, new job, new BF/GF, etc.) or a major experience like a foreign vacation, can trigger unusual dreams…

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There are some theories… one that I remember in particular is that dreams are a way of practicing for real danger. Seems kind of far-fetched, but I thought it was funny.

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It may be there is something you smell in your new place that is causing you to have more vivid dreams.

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From your profound belief and struggles, the essence of your life giving you a message to beware, take note, and adjust to your needs.

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Dreams are usually the result of your brain tidying up as you sleep. Reindexing files and what. Sometimes they can be triggered or altered by an external stimulus.

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Cheese and beer.

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I remember my dreams at least 4 or 5 times a week, I have really vivid dreams. Sometimes they relate to things sometimes they don’t.

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Dreams come from somethings that we always desire but don’t come true.

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Sometimes, they’re beamed down from Mars directly into your brain…

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