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how do I find a portable os?

Asked by 65Stang (508points) March 1st, 2008
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Portable as in “I want to carry it on a USB stick”? Check: Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick

Or just download Ubuntu, it’s a LiveCD

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symbian is a portable os. far better than windows mobile. if you want something to carry around on a removable device I would just use firefox. You can save all your files to the memory card and when you’re done browsing you can take your personal data with you.

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Actually, Symbian is a mobile OS; Firefox it’s just browser… a great browser, but not a complete OS.

There are a lot of good Portable Apps, most of them are Free Software/Open Source… that means “free” as in “free beer” and as in “free speech”

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when I tried it, I was confused because it said to create a cd then put it on the USB drive. I was wondering if I can mail to one of you and you help me. I would appreciate it.

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