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What is the correct term for a zombie jellyfish?

Asked by timtrueman (5744points) January 25th, 2010

Zellie is all I’ve heard so far…can you confirm this is the proper term or provide evidence of a better one? I think it’s important we finally address this critical issue.

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BizarroJelly… or Bizelly.

mushrooms… mmmmm

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btw I fucking love onions.

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Zellies! But in ancient times, they were Flummies.

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I wholeheartedly disagree with @petethcpothead.

A zombie jellyfish is a ɥsıɟʎןןǝɾ.

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How about The Wiggling Dead?

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@jayzeroeee You sir, have some nerve!

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(shakes fist at @Al_Pal.)

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Also, how do you kill a zellie? Or spot one?

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@timtrueman You don’t kill Zellies. You keep them in jars and study them.

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@petethepothead and @petethcpothead are both wrong. The correct term is “living flotsam.”

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Zombie Jellies would be Jams, but Zellies is a cuter name.

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Why doesn’t this question come up when you search on the entire expression “What is the correct term for a zombie jellyfish?”

The phrase “zombie jellyfish” caught my eye as I was closing a page, but I forgot which page I’d been on, and so I went back and tried to search on it. No hit. Then I searched on the entire question as I recalled it. No hit. Is the Meta section excluded from search results?

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important for people to be able to find this thread whenever they fix their minds on this question.

Give me the Latin for “zombie” and I’ll answer the question.

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Zombie Jellyfish are the floating dead.

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@Jeruba It does now…that’s using Google’s search engine and it take a couple minutes to get indexed.

“Victus Mortuus” = Living Dead apparently (yeah, yeah I had to use another Q&A site…shoot me, so I’ll become a zellie.)

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Hmm looks like the zombie branch of the CIA went for the first two answers. Hrm, I’m not comfortable with zombie jellyfish CIA agents (just think tentacle interrogation. Aiiee!).

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Zellie Attack!

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The Brain Dead

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What about zomfish or jellybie?

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You’re just trying to get ideas for Dr. J’s next halloween costume aren’t ya, Tim?

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Nope- no good.

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I believe that’s the wrong kind of “living,” @timtrueman. That’s a noun in the sense of “a living,” as in “to make a living.” WikiAnswers is really not such a reliable source, anyway. I left there to come here (via AV) because it is full of juveniles who just want to know if they are pregnant and go around vandalizing answers while they wait to find out.

Besides, “living dead” isn’t the word. “Zombie” is the word. If there’s no Latin for it, then I don’t see how I can answer the question. May as well hang in with “zellie.”

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Okay then:


Yeah-works for me.

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OK, now I feel bad about linking to that other site. Can nobody top zellie?

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Awww… ok, WikiAnswers is really cool, especially if you need to know things like whether two girls can get pregnant by kissing each other.

I don’t see anything wrong with the term “zombie jellyfish.” If I met one, that is certainly what I would use: “Say, aren’t you a zombie jellyfish?”

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Try some different permutations:

Dr Jay Z. sorry, couldn’t resist.
Zolly Attack of the dolly zolly

I really don’t know if Zellie can be topped.

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I have zombies listed in my profile. Can anyone tell me why this did not end up in my ‘questions for you’. Please?

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The living DELLIES

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Cnidaria cerebrophagicus

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Nope, sorry, @Dr_Dredd. Good job with the coinage, but a descriptor like brain-eater is not a translation of “zombie.” It’s just a descriptor. That’s why I rejected “living dead.” Anyway, the phage part is Greek. If we’re going to be pedantic about this, we have to be purists too.

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Oh, well. I tried. :-)

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WTF is going on here? I’m seeing triples.

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What do you mean?

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

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It could be something you ate
It could be something you ate
It could be something you ate

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Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice

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I love you people, but am lazy.
X 3

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Is this what you speak of…?

Um, Jellbie.

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I miss this thread.

@cyclomonkey Welcome to Fluther!

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We better figure this one out pretty darn soon because the Zombie Jellyfish Invasion has already begun!!!!!!!

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Wow! What a headline!

Evil Dead Jellyfish Attacks 150 People While Still Remaining Dead

Can there be a journalist alive (or dead) who isn’t envious?

I just hope they don’t come here looking for us. We could look a bit suspicious in our Hallowe’en masks and all.

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PB&J Fish? Jammedfish?

@Al_Pal Onions are evil… maybe undead too… hmmm.

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