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do you think the US will turn like Netherlands where liberalism and socialism took over?

Asked by chino2k (80points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

I love my country and always will be the greatest country of all.

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if we cater to the influx of illegal immigrants entering the country, we will have no choice.

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I live in Oregon and I think the Trailblazers are the best basketball team ever. Actually I don’t. Nationalism is stupid. My parents fucked here, that is all. I wish they would have fucked in France.

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now I know why liberalism is a mental desorder

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A mental disorder that paid attention in middle school English classes.

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What? Liberalism and socialism took over in the Netherlands? I’d say it’s mostly populist right-wing talk that emerged here…

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“I love my country and always will be the greatest country of all.” Nationalism is infantile. We can fly over, and relocate to, other countries. Time to grow up! You and I are not only state and national citizens, we’re also global, interstellar, galactic and universal citizens. Think about doing this universe some good and redeem your carbon instead of conceiving for yourself a life so small in scale, so restricted and boxed in and diminished, that you imagine your greatest calling as flinging poo across a border.

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bravo nerfmissile! But to voice my own opinion on the matter, it sure wouldn’t hurt to let go of some of our puritanical and conservative closed mindedness.

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I agree with nerfmissile. I think it is high time all human being unite to do something productive. There are many things to be achieved. We have to conquer endless roster of diseases to say the least. Think about it, we haven’t found a proper cure for even something as small as Flu.

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I doubt that the original poster has ever even been to the Netherlands – or any other country for that matter. One tends to stop saying stupid things like this once you have some actual knowledge about the world.

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the Netherlands has the lowest crime rate,highest productivity,life expectancy,so I hope that happens soon

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not to mention their top-notch education system…. The US is the the bottom half of the top 20 nations in the world in that regard. :(

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johnpowell, I wish you were born there too…
There is nothing wrong with nationalism…we are not part of a galactic citizenship brother, cause there is no government in space…not even anarchy. Keep loving your country friend and remember, paying attention in middle school only gets you so far…it’s that college that does wonder’s (and I guess even then it depends on the school).

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@RVSR – right, so you need a government to love your country? Personally, I really like the Netherlands because of the attitude a lot of people have here. However, I’d like other countries just as much for the same reason – if only I’d met a lot of people abroad. And for the same reason, I don’t like the US (though I only know the attitude of Americans that were broadcasted on TV here, so I might be a little prejudiced. Yeah, I need to go there some time).

Anyway, I don’t see the relationship between “I love my country and always will be the greatest country of all” and the actual question. Anyway, if it will always be the greatest country of all, it wouldn’t really matter whether liberalism and socialism take over, because it’s the “greatest” (what does that mean, anyway?) country no matter what “takes over”.

By the way, isn’t about everybody liberal? Who doesn’t value freedom? In NL, about everybody does, and it’s always been that way.

I’d really appreciate another response from chino2k :)

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no, you don’t need one… But trust me like it or not, government’s (good ones) always instill a sense of patriotism, if you will, pride even better. There is no nor will there ever really be a global government or brotherhood because that goes against several several stated and obvious truths, namely that thing called human nature. Brother, at our core we are all mostly shity people you know?
Here in America we’re all pretty proud of our county, like I can see you are of yours, but even here we have state’s that value themselves above the USA – hell look at our civil war as proof! At the root of all this talk brother is property and ownersip something humans have desired since .20 seconds after being here. We truly all want what is ours to remain ours right? That’s goes for property andreligion and all that kinda “capitalistic” kinda thinking. We needed to be able to hold our neighbors accountable & our friends so we started these governments that took care of that, creating a certain amount of liberties in the process to be lost. Such are all governments and the amount of liberties allowed to be taken are what really classify a liberal, at least here in America.

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If, as RvsR says, “government’s (good ones) always instill a sense of patriotism” then I don’t see how any American could be patriotic at the moment given the record of the past several years with the Bush Administration. There certainly isn’t anything to be proud about. Nationalism is nothing more than a dangerous propaganda tool used by corrupt governments to further an ideological agenda while suppressing intelligent debate. The Bush Admin used it to whip the people into a frenzy for a war they wanted and cast aside all the intelligence that conflicted with it, or anyone that tried to bring reason into the debate. Its ok to be proud of your country, when there is reason to be, but patriotism is blind and will always lead to ruin. One should always be unencumbered enough with his/her allegiances to ask the difficult questions during the hardest times. Something that clearly has not been happening in the US for a good long time.

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brother, I heard that same speech on X-Files…

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I hope that’s not seriously where you get your news from… Even if it does explain some of your responses. ;-)

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no, its not, nor did I say I got my news from there. But the fact remains I enjoy that show and your monologue smacked of something from that show. I can tell you however, this question requires little in the arena of news

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RvsR, you might way to look up “sarcasm” in a dictionary.

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I hope it does. :)

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