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What's the best way to get an olive oil stain out of clothing?

Asked by erik (63points) January 14th, 2007
...specifically, pants.
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Ooh, I want to know the answer..... if anyone has it....
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yeah, me too. is there an "opposite" to oil? selzar?
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Hey, Erik. Auto mechanics know about geting grease stains out of cotton.. there are safe solvents (aka cleaning fluids in a bottle) that can be used if you don't breathe in fumes. Napkins are good preventativie measures :-)
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Talcum powder. Sprinkle it on and let it sit overnight all over the stain. In the morning brush it into the fabric, then wash it off.
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ok, thanks for the tips. I had actually just tried using this Shout stain-stick pre-treater, scrubbed in hot water, used more Shout, then put in the wash (no dryer). So far the results appear to have been positive. I think if the stain was bigger I would have brought out the big solvent guns. Next time, more napkins! thanks all
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I've always found that a little Dawn dishwashing liquid rubbed on the grease spot & then gently rubbed with a toothbrush before washing really helps get out those stains.
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FYI – a great stain fighting solution = 1/2 dawn to 1/2 amonia It seriously gets out just about ANYTHING. Don’t go whiffing it though…pretty strong stuff.

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Try “Goof-Off” it is great from breaking down oils !

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