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Why is the sky blue?

Asked by jpilzie (13points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone

why is the sky blue?

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I realize that you are new to this site but this is the third time this question has been asked. Please use the search button next time before posting a question.

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It’s cool. I don’t ever use the search function here. I use google first. If that doesn’t work I ask here.

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I’d like to apologize for uberbatman’s rudeness, and welcome you to Fluther. True, Fluther etiquite suggests searching a topic to see if it has already been asked, but that is not always possible, such as when Fluthering from an iPhone.
a most hearty welcome to you, and I hope you enjoy your experience here!

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Think I answered this question previously, and it seems that the earth’s rotation may have something to do with the sky being blue during the day, and then dark at night, I’m no scientist though quite an observer. Hopefully this answer helps you out a little.

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Iphone. That is incorrect. It is a question of the size of the particles in the earth’s atmosphere and the scattering of various energy (or wave lengths) in the visible spectrum of sunlight. Note the various colours around both sunrise and sunset…and check out answers that @johnpowell mentioned.

Rotation does explain why the night sky is dark but not why we don’t have a green or violet sky during daylight.

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I love these type of questions…

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