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Do you too have 'a brilliant genius' in the activity page?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) March 1st, 2008

Like this:

In activity, when you ask a question, it says a brilliant genius. With you too?

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Yes, and it seems I often have something in my teeth too. :)

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Yes, and I’m a Noob! What’s up with that?

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Yes. I thought it was a synonym for “blabbermouth.” (Davey, a good word for you to learn, if you don’t know it already. And thanks for the Fluther widget.)

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Hehe, you were hoping for a special treatment? ;-)

But yes, it also shows that for me. And I’m going to look up blabbermouth right now (sounds like nincompoop). (EDIT: OK, so it’s more like the Dutch ‘roddeltante’ :P)

Btw, you are a brilliant genius if you can just question this answer.

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