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Is it safe to use the free federal ezfile online for your tax return?

Asked by Chikipi (1843points) January 26th, 2010 from iPhone

I usually purchase turbo tax, but my co-worker told me today that I could go to the gov site and do an ezfile if under 52K for federal, but I would have to pay another small fee of $10 or so for the state return. I went to the gov website today, but it spins off to another website and it warns that I am leaving the site. Once I read all of the disclaimers at the linked site to file, my stomach turned to knots and I started to question if this is something I should do. Have you used the free federal ezfile online? Which one? Do you think it’s safe (why? or why not?)

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Try TurboTax online, they let you do your federal return online and I believe this also includes free e-filing. The bonus is that your return will be stored online; in case you ever need a copy, you can go to the website and print it out.

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@MissAnthrope Thanks- I have full faith in turbo tax from previous years before. I didn’t know I could go through online and not have to go to the store to buy.

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@Chikipi – Yeah, for whatever reason, for the past couple of years they’ve offered free federal filing online. I love TurboTax and have had really good results. Well, except for Virginia cutting my refund for a reason they never explained. :|

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TurboTax is the very best. this will be my 3rd year using TurboTax and i trust it completely. the best buy for the cd is at WalMart. like everyone else has stated, you have a copy for yourself on your pc and thats comforting. i trust it 100%.

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Is filing with Turbotax online free for federal? How much is it for State? I’ve been using Tax Slayer. Can you access your past years’ returns on Turbotax for free?

To answer the question, “safe” is relative isn’t it. For me, the convenience is worth any risk.

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@lilikoi – Yes. Not sure about the state return. And yes, which has come in really handy.

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Ahh thanks so much… I might have to switch.

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I have used TaxACT in the past for filing Federal and State taxes. It is free for federal and about $10 for State. I never had problems with it. If you are real paranoid fill out the federal form, print out a copy, submit it, and use it to fill out your State form.

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