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What's the last thing you roared about?

Asked by Shield_of_Achilles (1906points) January 26th, 2010

Last night I came back from the gym. I was really tired and smelled pretty bad, but I was feeling really strong so when I got to the top of my stairs I stopped at my door and just roared. I don’t really know why, but that’s what I did.

Do you see this as an acceptable thing? What are some things you’ve roared for? Am I just crazy? What does a roar mean to you?

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Socially acceptable? I don’t think so. Crazy? Yeah, a little bit. Kind of awesome? I think so. I haven’t roared in ages.

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@gggritso Ya gotta let the beast out sometimes man. Just let that primal side out for a second. It made me feel invincible for the first time in a while. Felt good.

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Yeah I don’t think I have ever roared, but sometimes I purr like a kitten. :)

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Well… just now, actually. I think my neighbors are pissed.

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I haven’t roared per se, but I have screamed many a lyrics while listening to my headphones while riding my bike, or driving in my car. In fact, I have a special rage playlist for just these times.

I say, let it out!!

Ruallreb8ters's avatar I roarded at this just a minute ago. devrhay’s (i think) response to a previous question

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I was thinking roar as in laugh. (my laugh sonds like a roar). I ROARED for real when I saw this badass

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When I missed the bus the other day. It started off as a roar but ended as a squeak (it went from low to high pitch). It startled someone in the nearby bus shack, but I didn’t apologize. It felt necessary to expel such a sound.

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Sure…three little boys who are supposedly my relations visited with a cousin last weekend. They trashed my room…and heard about it – roaring style.

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@sjmc1989 Now thats something I’d like to hear. jk jk. kinda
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Yeah, one of my roommates yelled at me because he was watching a movie. I told him to STFU and to go back to banging my ex…..

@J0E Lol. mine is more like this minus the pot…..

@shadling21 Atta girl (Assumption based on previous claim of a bf, I apologize if I’m in error)

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When things are going especially well, my version of a roar is to start bellowing, “I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE PINAFORE, AND A RIGHT GOOD CAPTAIN TOO!”

I am such a geek.

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I kind of sort of roared at the guy in Best Buy the other night. He tried telling me that I was not allowed to return a game I bought from them because I could have copied it. Even though I was returning it with the gaming system I bought to play it on. The manager took accepted my return no problems. I am a good roarer when I need to be.

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When I roar “maybe” means I just need a ham sandwich.

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@Cruiser You say “maybe” I say “woman”. I see that aside from nomenclature, were the same man.

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Tonight, when my son threatened to burn his sister to death with a lighter he found in the street.

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Something of the sort, usually when I’m more worked up than usual. And it seems appropriate when making questionable driving decisions.

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I rawrrr everyday.

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I’ve been known to belt out a song but generally in tune so that may not be roaring.

I’ve roared out a big belly laugh from time to time.

I’m roared at my dogs to establish dominance when they get out of control.

I’ve bellowed in anger at times. That might be considered a roar.

I do a passable imitation of a male lion. I guess that truly is a roar!

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Hmm, probably this morning at my toddler. He did it first!

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Playing with a grand nephew where I was teaching him about animal sounds. That would’ve been some time ago, like a year or more.

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I hate that I love this question.

I roar a lot when nobody is home. It’s a good stress-reliever.

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I am a real man. Watch me sit in a corner as you notice the juicer that’s gonna treat you like shit, as opposed to the guys like me, who are actually interested in who you are.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir A real man has meaning, effort, and feeling behind the things he does.

He doesn’t just leave a 20 on the night stand and hope to not run into you ever again.

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@Shield_of_Achilles Real men don’t treat their significant others like crap, either.

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