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What would you do if the pilots of the plane are dead and the plane's locked in a death spiral down to the middle of the pacific with it's engines detached?

Asked by frigate1985 (927points) January 26th, 2010 from iPhone

Just a question I picked up from Twilight. And for your information, no, you’re not a vampire :D

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I suppose that I would die, horribly.

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What do you think I would do? There’s not anything a layperson really can. Thanks twilight for inspiring questions I wish didn’t exist.

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Scream like a 7 year old girl shortly before I swallow my own shit.

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@ucme- Just make sure it’s your own.

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@AstroChuck Of course, i’d be flying private anyway. Away from the riff raff don’t you know.

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Storm into the penispit and at least try to do a reasonably soft emergency touchdown in the water. If success, call for help, assuming the communication system is still online.

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Scream. Be of no use whatsoever…

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Hope I end up on an island that has some weird magnetic properties and that is known to travel through time.

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Call my boyfriend and parents

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Take care of any outstanding business with God.

The cockpits of most planes these days is barred by a locked door. Have fun with the heroics!

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I will just ask one of the local terrorists for some of his explosives lol.

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The flight attendant, if I can catch her in time.

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Put my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye.

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I would seriously reconsider flying with that airline in the future.

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get on the radio and send out a message to traffic control, call them a bunch of idiots for delaying me with security only to be killed anyway. and maybe, just to mess with their heads a bit, pull them in to an argument about getting a refund.

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@cprevite That’s from a song. :D

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Peacefully endure the dive and then die instantly. Not a bad way to go.

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Beat any emergency services to the scene of the crash.

Oh, and Respawn in 9. :-P

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@rangerr: It is? I did not know that. I heard that phrase back in the ‘70s.

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Hope and pray for a miracle. . .

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grab the controls and pull back and level the plane…

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Well, I’d wait till the plane hit the water, then I’d scatter myself over a large area.

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What would you do if the pilots of the plane are dead and the plane’s locked in a death spiral down to the middle of the pacific with it’s engines detached?

Watch it on the news. You never said I was on the plane.

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jump out the window, fly to the nose of the plane, lift it up, and carry it to a nearby landmass. how? im a fucking super hero. why was i on the plane if i can fly? kuz im fucking lazy and i enjoy others company.

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My response depends on what type of aircraft I am in. You have not given me enough information to respond adequately.

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I would be looking for the alcohol, and start taking all my meds. You know it’s not the fall that hurts, it’s the smacking into something.

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Well this reminds me a little bit of the Kobayashi Maru from star trek. A no win scenario response. You have no control over the plane because its critically damaged so you will die if you try to fly ( wow LOL! ). You can’t jump out because you will die from the fall into the water falling at terminal velocity. tinyfaery really sums it up… just time to face thje fact that you will most likely become a statistic.

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And yet, the crash won’t necessarily kill you. You stand a much better chance if you stay in the plane (if it’s big, or parts of the plane, as the case may be). Your best-case scenario involves crashing through some trees and then going down a slope until you bleed off enough momentum.
One guy survived a fall from 18,000 feet sans parachute or plane, crashing through the roof of a train station. He didn’t play sports for a while, but he lived.

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@Nullo hmmm thats interesting. That is a miraculous survival! How did that person live?

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Barring divine intervention (and factoring in figures like mass, wind resistance, and what he was wearing) the building’s roof may have absorbed enough energy to keep the guy from splatting.
Popular Mechanics says that of the 118,934 plane-crash victims, there are all of 42 plausible cases of people surviving falls greater than 10,000 feet, and only 157 total.

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And it’s not the fall that would kill you. It’s the sudden stop.

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I liked Grisaille’s answer :D

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I would probably think that God really wants me dead right now.

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