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Would you accept a happy ending?

Asked by bigboss (990points) January 27th, 2010

If you went to a spa or massage parlor and after your massage the massuese offered you extra “services.” would you turn right over with a smile and lube or just storm out of there feeling violated and insulted. Just curious how many guys or even women (i doubt it) would ever accept an extra “massage” after their regular one.

why or why not? how would you feel?

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I’d simply say, “No thanks, I’m good.” Then I wouldn’t return there for future massages.

It’s an interesting idea, but my wife certainly wouldn’t appreciate it.

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well, i would never allow a stranger to massage me anyway (as a service) but hypothetically, at no extra cost? i would probably become very suspicious and ask something like ’‘why would you want to do that?’’ and if they do want more money, i would probably ask something like ’‘do you really need it that badly?’’

everything would depend on the answers i get to my questions, i would say 5% chance i accept. maybe less.

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I’d say no thank you, pay for the massage but withhold any gratuity. I would not return to that massage provider.

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I think in any case where an individual is surprised by the offer, they’ll likely say no. Most who would accept it, came looking for it in the first place.

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No thanks!! I just came for the back rub & the shoulder rub……… :-/

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If I were looking to express myself, I would probably have seeked that out in the first place. I would definitely say “No, thanks” to an unexpected offer like that. . . . it would just ruin the whole being of the intended purpose of the massage that I seeked in the first place.

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I’d politely decline for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wouldn’t get angry as I have no idea what their life entails & this may be the only way for them to make ends meet. However I wouldn’t participate as, well, you dont know where they’ve been. & I value myself higher than having to pay for it!

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I AM SHOCKED…i serioulsy wasnt expecting to see this many “no“s. you all give men a good name. i hate the “cant keep it in their pants” stereo type.

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Yay for Fluther men!

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How do you know they expect you to pay for it? Then could find you attractive, and want a bit of play. If that was the case and I was single, then yes, I would.

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cool dibley…but when they reach out their hand and stare at you…means they want tip.

you gimme fye dollaw

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You never but that in you question.

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yea i know im just saying.

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@bigboss If it was in prostitution, then I wouldn’t.

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@Dibley oh ok i see your point. you just dont want to break the law. =]

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@Dibley… you rascal :)

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@TheJoker I am not just jumping in there saying yes. I was just saying. People are picking on me :-)

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@Dibley…. Haha, you love it!

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No.I can’t imagine ever paying for that.

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Depends on whether or not I was attracted to the masseuse.

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no ..i can’t

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I can say:” No, Thanks!”

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