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My legs ache so bad its making me go crazy!!!! i need help?

Asked by rachelrae27 (22points) January 27th, 2010

When I was 20 I was pregnant and developed RLS. I use to only get it in the summer time when it was warm out but I was still able to do normal activites and sleep ok. Back in 2005 I was in a car accident and it seems that since then my legs have gotten way way worse. The first couple of years it got to the point where I would kick and cry so bad in bed at night that my boyfriend would seriously had to punch my legs to get the sensation to go away. I have tried requip, mirapex and two other drugs that i cant pronounce for the RLS. Nothing has helped. Lately my legs on top of RLS also ache so bad that I cry at night because I cant sleep. It feels like i went on a 20 mile walk without stretching and like i pulled all the muscles in my leg. My legs have gotten to the point where they become so weak i cant even get the strength to walk because they hurt so bad. I have gone to the DR and they did a ultrasound to see if there could be blood clots but the test came back fine and i am going in for a MRI this weekend. I have found from when I had surgery or any other reason that I would recieve any type of pain killers that it would relieve the pain in my legs enough to where I can actually sleep. I of course dont want to take them all the time for my legs so I dont get addicted to them but its hard when its the only thing that has ever worked for the pain that I get and everything else from the DR doesnt work. They have also tried me on several different muscle relaxers because the way I describe the pain that I get in my calfs reminds me of how your muscles feel after you have a charlie horse. But I really would like to hear anyone else’s opinions or maybe if someone else has the same problem they can tell me what helps them. I just feel like im losing my mind with all this!!!! thanks…oh and everyone pretty much in my family either has RLS or restless grandma also has the bad aches in her legs but she is on mirapex and has also been on pain killers for her shoulder but those are helping out her legs as well so I know this stuff runs in my family but to be 27 and deal with this everyday is just awful!!!

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You can try alternative medicines/remedies(acupuncture,yoga,tai-chi,fisiotherapy,aromatherapy,homeopathy,traditional messages,and many more). It’s safe and natural.
Commercial drugs won’t always work as good as you imagined. Some daily messages with essential oils will help to alleviate your pain.

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I also have RLS. Not as bad as yours but I do have it. I sit for many hours a day while working. I have noticed that it helps if I stretch on a regular basis. At least 5 to 10 minutes every morning. I also know that you need to exercise your legs. It will be hard but will get easier. Start off slow. I like the stationary bike. The more you exercise your legs, the less the RLS will affect you. It won’t be easy but give it a try. I should also say, check with your doctor before you start exercising. He/she may have a reason for you not to.

Good luck

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so far i have had a ultrasound done so there is nothing blocking the blood flow in my legs and i am scheduled for a MRI on friday so I hope they find something..he started me on a higher dose of mirapex but its not so much my RLS that is bothering me its that actual ache in my legs that hurts so we will see what happens

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@rachelrae27 Keep us updated! Good luck with everything and I hope and pray they can find out what is going on.

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