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Is Google advertising Chrome aggressively in your country?

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) January 27th, 2010

In the Netherlands, ads for Google’s Chrome browser are to be found all over the streets. It’s not usual (here) to see advertising for browsers other than on the internet. So I’m wondering: is Google also spending as much on advertising in other countries, or is it e.g. trying to get a large market share in a smaller country like the Netherlands to use that to gain market share in other countries? Or would it serve another goal?

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Thats interesting to hear.
Its not happening in England so far

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I haven’t seen any advertising for Chrome at all outside of the internet.

In America, though, Viral media is really the best, most inexpensive form of advertisement.

With talks of pulling out of China, Google is probably trying to scoop up whatever international support they can before losing that sizable chunk of revenue.

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@Seek_Kolinahr They were already advertising before the attacks…

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I haven’t seen anything for Google Chrome besides online (here in the good ol’ USA). I know I jumped on a new browser. Chrome is great.

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I have seen no such ads here in Canada but I live in a small town in a rural area.

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The only ads I’ve seen have been on Hulu. I <3 Chrome.

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Not here down in India, Chennai the southern city.

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They are advertising aggressively on Hulu—where most tech-literate Americans are basically sure to see their adverts.

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So now I found a news article on this, which gives an interesting explanation: supposedly, this has to do with the coming change in the EU that Microsoft will offer consumers a browser ballot on first boot of Windows (due to pressure from the EU). I think it’s a smart timing for Google to get Chrome in the back of people’s heads, as that will probably at least make them consider Chrome when presented with the choice (like “hey, why not, let’s try it”). Then again, I think Firefox is also already in the back of people’s heads, with one in four using it.

Also, it seems like the ads are running in the UK and France as well. Odd, I’d have expected more British and French (well, mostly British) on here that could’ve told me this :)

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Not seen the ads in the UK as said in my previous post

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Hmm, odd… Though the article specifically mentioned the London underground – I just assumed it’d be the whole UK since it also mentions the Amsterdam underground but I’ve seen it in my previous hometown (which isn’t really big) too in the train station, and over here on the streets as well.

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