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Does anybody have a fairly good knowledge of the wwe history between 1999 and 2004??

Asked by vanelokz (423points) March 1st, 2008

i need to ask u a few questions.. hopefully u can help me

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I thought you wanted all 5 years at start. Yeah ask away. I am sure I know or can figure it out.

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why did the undertaker go from “lord of darkness” to a biker?? If I can answer that I’d appreciate it

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Undertaker was due to return to action for WrestleMania 2000, but a legitimate bicep injury in February 2000 delayed his return until May 2000. When he returned at Judgment Day, Undertaker’s gimmick was dramatically modified in line with wrestling’s change to a more realistic approach. His gimmick became that of an intimidating biker, known as the “American Bad Ass”, and he began using the Last Ride (Elevated Powerbomb) as his finishing move, as opposed to the Tombstone Piledriver, which had become synonymous with the Undertaker over the years.

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wow that was really good… Thanks… And how did he go back to being the old undertaker??

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At SummerSlam, WCW Tag Team Champions Undertaker and Kane defeated Page and his partner Chris Kanyon in a steel cage match to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. At Survivor Series, Undertaker began a storyline where he took on The Alliance’s Steve Austin, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Shane McMahon, and Kurt Angle while teaming up with Kane, the Rock, Chris Jericho, and the Big Show. Angle pinned the Undertaker due to interference by Austin. After the Alliance was defeated, The Undertaker turned heel once again by forcing commentator Jim Ross to kiss Vince McMahon’s ass.This was the beginning of a new persona for the Undertaker, as he cut his long hair short and called himself “Big Evil”

at Survivor Series where Undertaker lost a Buried Alive match against McMahon when Kane interfered. The Undertaker disappeared for some time following the match, with Kane claiming that he was “dead and buried forever.”

In the storyline leading up to WrestleMania XX, Kane was haunted by vignettes proclaiming an Undertaker return. The first was during the Royal Rumble when Undertaker’s bells tolled, distracting Kane and allowing Booker T to eliminate him. At WrestleMania XX, the Undertaker, accompanied by Paul Bearer and in his “Deadman” persona, returned and defeated Kane. Three months later, Bearer was kidnapped by the Dudley Boyz at the direction of Paul Heyman, who then took “control” of Undertaker. The angle added a new twist at The Great American Bash where Undertaker was forced to fight a handicap match against the Dudleys, and if he lost, Heyman would bury Bearer in cement. The Undertaker won but buried Bearer anyway, explaining that Bearer was merely a liability now and that he had no use for him anymore.Fans were later told that Bearer was “seriously injured,” but in reality, he was simply removed from WWE programming due to health reasons. The Undertaker also remained a face.

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thanks but I already read the wikipedia article.. You could of just told me to do that

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My first answer was from wikipedia also and you said you didn’t know that. And all your questions were in the article. That is where I get most of my answers. That site has everything.

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any thing you wanna know I’ll tell you I been watching it for 10 years

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Let’s see….Smackdown started out as a test pilot for the then ill fated UPN in April ‘99 then started airing regularly in late August which was Jerichos 1st week in WWE.
2000 saw “future” superstars being made or debuting such as Edge, Eddie Guerrero, Christian, Trish Stratus, Lita And others rise in popularity.
2001 saw WWE buy WcW and end the Attitude era. Which also saw three other eras come: the Attitude-InVaded era, the Invasion and the aftermath/overcrowded/undisputed champion era.
2002 saw Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena, and the Lochness Monster known as Brock Lesnar debut and saw Rey Mysterio and Scott Steiner come in and Shawn Michaels return. We also enter the brand extension era and name change.
2003 was definitely the year of the gimmick. Goldberg comes in, Rock v. Austin III saw the icons Duke it out in their last wrestlemania match.
2004 saw original attitude-invaded era superstars starting to leave. The Deadman returns, Bradshaw finally is saw as main event material and given a push as transitional WWE champion (as to beef up John Cena as both Main Event and heavyweight champion material).

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