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Do chinchillas make good pets?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) March 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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pets not really, coats yes

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No.. They are really shy and difficult to catch and put back in their cage. My sister had a few of them and they are cute and soft but not a very good pet.

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my friend adopted two from a lab…

she no longer has them. when they escape they go behind the fridge and the stove and you cant get them out until nighttime (they are nocturnal)

and they jump. from a standstill. straight up.

they are a lot of work. i’d rather have a dog, at least he will cuddle with you and be your best friend.

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yes i have 2
they are great pets
they are soft and fast and jump high

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Yes,I think that a cinchilla would be a great pet for me but remember you have to have the right things for your chinchilla. For example: you cannot have your temperature over 25 degrees celcius. They have to have a cage with multiple levels and since their digestive system is so sensitive you have to watch out on what you give them to eat. They need lots of excersize and have to be let out every day(every day is preferred but missing one day would be fine) have to be let out every day for AT LEAST 15 mins. But, I would probably let mine out for at least 30 mins. So, I hope you decide what is best for you and I would recommend researching quite about about them before actually getting one. Good Luck!

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