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Why do they call it your "funny bone", when there's nothing funny about it, it just hurts like hell when you hit it against something?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) January 27th, 2010


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You know how people laugh when someone trips? Same thing when someone gets to know their funny bone the hard way. It’s hilarious to all but the owner.

It also has to do with science’s obsession with Latin….

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Aside from it being funny to others, the name of the bone in the elbow is the humerus bone.

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And that is a funny way to spell humorous.

Also, it is an odd feeling, not really pain, but strange or peculiar, or as some people put it, a “funny” feeling.

Besides, your funny bone is even funnier because it isn’t a bone at all that responds. It is the ulnar nerve. Unlike most heavy-duty large nerves, the ulnar nerve is almost completely exposed. The ulnar nerve runs in a bony groove called the “cubital tunnel” through the elbow, where all that stands between that hard thing you bumped and the nerve is an thin layer of fat and skin.

More about how it works here.

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This play on words (Humerus vs Humorous) is lost on me when that nerve pain is shooting through me.

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The ulnar nerve runs through a groove in your ulna, which is one of two bones in your forearm. The nerve is really close to the surface of your skin when it runs through your elbow.That’s why, when you hit it just right, you’ll get a really intense pins-and-needles sensation.

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Because it’s funny when it happens to someone else.

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I believe @Darwin was right. It’s actually called a humorous. Humor = funny

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cause its funny as hell to watch someone else hit theirs…lol…

jk @Darwin is right…lol

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Here funny means “strange,” like when we say something like “That’s funny my girlfriend cheated on me the day after she told me she really loved me.”

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