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how many cats is enough?

Asked by tarkadal (7points) March 1st, 2008

one, two, five, ten

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I say “Two will do!”

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Ya don’t wanna end up being the old lady who lives alone with her ten cats.

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Two cats are good, one alone might get lonely but more than two is probably unnecessary.

If you want more cats, consider becoming a “foster”, taking in young stray cats, nursing them to make sure they’re healthy, then placing them with an adoption agency. Check with your local adoption agency for information on becoming a foster.

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I would have a hundred of them if I could properly take care of them. I have found that one is about all I can afford and give a good amount of attention to.

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two is enough.

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As many as you can afford to take GOOD care of…

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If you lived in the country you could have more, but two house cats would be okay. Three cats might be the limit without being “that” person.

This video is of “that” person:

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@spywacko, that is amazing.

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theres a girl at my school who has eight cats and reads books about them

I personally would say one would be fine if I did not have a bad experience with one when I was seven.

See it was newyears and I just got one of those blowout things that make a funny sound

Long story short my cat didn’t like it
So he bit me in the eye…

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42. The answer is 42.

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blippio that is a great answer

**42 is a cursed number


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@ Blippio: I’m pretty “cats” is not part of the answer to the ultimate question.

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if you have to ask this question, you probably have (or want) too many

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My family lives near the world’s most awful horse barn and we have had stray cats find us several times. (A local spay group has gone over to the farm several times to spay their cats, but the people there never seem to think that the barn cat population is a problem).

Our first cat, now 13 adopted my father when he on a work trip to western Massachusetts. She was a dumped kitten. Our second cat, Willoughby forcibly adopted us as we moved into our current house (he would just walk up the steps and meow at the door, following us around. He’s the head honcho now). Then a pair of tiny kittens came to our house right before a big snow storm, two little sisters. Lastly, again, before a giant storm a brother-sister pair of very young kittens took refuge in our garage, we think they are related somehow to the other pair, and Willoughby.

So we have six cats. They love each other and spend all of their time playing and sleeping together. This is it for us, as we don’t want to have more than we can care for, but I couldn’t imagine living without these cats for company.

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This answer is 13

3 years
1. Beans (F) B/W
2. Grim (M) black cat 1

2 years in April
My soon Cat Ralph litter
3. Booober (M) black cat 2 dad
4. Pupkin (M) black tab some white
5. KiKi (F) White some black tab
+ Gizmo (M) losted
6. Itty Bitty (F) mom

2nd gen less 1 year ago
7. Mokey (F) B/W long hair
8. Gobo (M) black cat 3
9. Wembley (M) Garyish B/W
+ Fiona (F) losted
10. Brio (F) B/W

11. SiSi (F) light Tortoise hair
12. Smokie (M) Gary tab (I call him Gray Ghost – since he hide all time)
13. BooBooKitty (F) B/W

all males Neutered (6)

(2) females spayed other (5) going in March 14th

The Aunt & Uncles do care for their Brothers offspring but not the orphans

Alpha (F) 1. Beans her challenger is BooBooKitty 13.
Alpha (M) 2. Grim

Cat Stampedes occur 7AM & 7PM daily is starts out as a Game of Tag with 2 or 3 & grows their.

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That youtube on cats is a 113 in Siberia.

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I bet you none of the 113 cats are fixed

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Maybe the answer is 30? see

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