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Can someone tell me if this is copyrighted?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) January 27th, 2010

Can someone tell me if this image is copyrighted?

If nobody knows, can anyone suggest where I might find out?


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Based on the website, that image is from WWI, which means it originated sometime between 1914 to 1918. The “youngest” this photo could be is 92 years old, which means it’s copyright period has expired.

In the US, copyright protections are granted during the lifetime of the author with a bonus of 70 years after death. That would make this photo copyrighted, maybe. However, this photo was taken before the Copyright Act of 1976, so that might make it okay to use.

What you need is the name of the photographer and his (or her?) date of death. You may also want to see if the website of this picture has an image use policy. However, because of the photo’s age, it seems pretty safe to use.

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i would contact the site owner and see what he says. but on a related topic, i was once told that all the images on wikipedia are public domain or something along those lines. this article would seem to confirm that.

so if the picture does turn out to be copyrighted and you can not use it, you could always use the wikipedia picture of freud

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In the United States, nothing created before 1923 is in copyright. The various extensions and amendments to the Copyright Act itself have granted copyright to works for a long time, but none of them reach farther back than 1923. If this image is from World War I, it’s in the public domain.

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