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Do you have a place you go to get away from it all?

Asked by ironhiway (1367points) March 1st, 2008

Is it real, virtual, or internal? Fast, busy loud, or quiet, peaceful and secluded? Alone or with a friend? Share your methods for distressing yourself.

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Yeah, I built a 3 foot mini-ramp in one of my granny’s buildings. There is an extension on one side that is 6 feet, and then a 16inch wide section that goes into the trusses(8ft.)! My buddies and I call it the “Shed of Shred”! It is pretty awesome, my Grandparents rock! They have been married for 63 years, I hope my wife and me make it that long.

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ya I do I’m just a good ol boy from Tennessee and I got a horse farm and there is this amazing spot I found when I was 10 its a tree and it looks over all of my land and its on the very top of a hill and you can just see for miles and you see my horses galoping in the feald and it just looks amazing and in the distance there is a creak and you can hear the water ripple and its just sooo relaxing

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@ I live in a great place in north of France called “Bois Blancs” it’s surrounded by canals. There’s a lovely footpath I use to take when I want some quiet time.with or without a book. Most of time I just walk and watch around: plenty of birds and the footpath leads to the city zoo.

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@allknowingone I’m a good ol boy from Tennessee, too!

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there’s a hill called Washington rock,where George Washington saw the enemy armies coming,in new jersey,or I just take a long hot shower

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YES. There are mainly two things I do to get away from life.

One: There is tiny mountain-type area in Englewood, NJ right across the Hudson River where you can see Manhattan in the distance. The place isn’t really popular (especially since there is a fancy boardwalk place half an hour away from this place). Sometimes when I no longer have the courage to face life, I drive up to the top and spend hours overlooking the water. Sometimes I’ll just keep on thinking about life. And sometimes, I’ll just stair at the water and just feel the wind blowing through my body—- just simply feel life without thinking about the consequences.

Two: This is something that I picked up from a book. I am the kind of person who suppresses emotions and sometimes my feelings can really build up. When I need to explode, I go to my mom’s basement when no one’s home. Turn off the lights, lie on the floor and scream till the voice dimmers down into the darkness and you are left with the echo of human life. And you start to realize about immensity of life and your mind wonders away from the problem and thinks about things you ignored

Three: This is something from the Practical Philosophy Symposium. It helps you get away when you need among your everyday routine. You sit on something. Keep your body straight. Slowly concentrate on one object around you. Now try to feel your senses. Sense the air that you breathe and the noises that surrounds you. Feel the weight of your body against the chair listen for the air you exhale. Now slowly, try to stop naming things and keep staring at your object. Stare. Just stare. Don’t think – just stare . This can be a hard exercise but with practice you can learn to gain some control over your mind to trick your mind into “phasing out”

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I live in sort of a college dorm/apartment kind of thing. Two bed two bath joint with four guys living in it. There’s absolutely no way to get any peace in here, until I discovered that the unusual layout of the rooms, paired with the placement of my bed and desk created a little 2×2 or so walled-off corner that I could hide in, put on my headphones, and not be bothered by anyone. It’s a bit cramped, but it’s what I’ve got to work with.

I think just being in it makes me hypersensitive to the stress that put me in it in the first place. I should find a new spot.

I miss living alone.

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Yeah….It’s called home…

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I go to this park in my neighborhood that no one ever uses, and its kinda secluded. I park in the parking lot and just blast music and skateboard in the lot. It helps.

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Thanks for all the great responses everyone. I like the variety here. With the places of tranquil seclusion, which I’m partial to as well, and the active release of energy such as the skate boarders.

I’ve used the head phones when I was in a dorm, and playing softball was a great release years ago when I was able to fit in a league. Now I like to do puzzles my girlfriend likes working on them with me which gives us a chance to wind down together.

I love to watch lightning and there’s not much here in south CA When I’m in Arizona, to visit my son, sometimes I get to watch a storm from my balcony.

I look forward to future responses.

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i recently concluded my competitive rowing career after 10 years. my favorite thing in the world was to be on the water as the sun breaks over the trees. it filled me with energy and warmth. the sunrise is something special for me, especially in combination with the water, and the sound the oars make at each stroke as the boat runs over the surface of the water. lots of people get to see the sunset, but how many do you know that get to see the sunrise, every day?

now that i’m ‘retired’ i usually grab a camera or two (film and digital) and head out to the boathouse. i sit on the dock for a while, then walk around and take pictures. sometimes i bring a book. i sit there for hours even when it’s cold. i do like to catch it at the sunset (since i no longer get up in time for the sunrise)

also, in nice weather i will get on my road bike and take off in some direction i’ve never been in. those rides often last for about 2 hours. i can be alone, see new things, and get some great exercise all at the same time.

as long as i find my way home.

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in no particular order…

1) the Internet
2) a hike in the woods
3) a good movie when there’s likely to be very few patrons

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Passenger side seat on a long car ride.

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