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Is there a photo editing program that can cut out your hair and put someone elses in?

Asked by jdogg (871points) March 1st, 2008

there’s a hair cut I want to try so I didnt know if there was program that could cut the hair out and put it on me

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i don’t know of any program that just does that.i would look, but i’m really hungry so i’m gonna go eat instead : D
but you could always try Gimp.

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adobe photoshop

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There are a few programs out their made for this task. I looked around and all of them got shitty reviews so I won’t recommend one. The Gimp and Photoshop are probably not what you want. Both have steep learning curves. I assume that you want something that is more point and click.

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I don’t know about software, but I know there’s a website I played with once where you can upload a photo of yourself with your hair flattened on your head, it has a ton of hair styles you can see on yourself. Try searching for something like that.

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