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why does my internet explorer just go away?

Asked by boots74 (72points) March 1st, 2008

I will be online, doing something, and my every window that I have open will close out. Is there something I can do to stop this from happening?

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Does it happen when you do something specific or just randomly?

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I think it is just randomly.

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use FireFox. That’s what I switched to after suffering with IE. I’ll never go back.

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Make sure you don’t have multiple memory consuming tasks (videos, games and whatnot) and check your ram, go over my computer, right click, and hit properties. Then look at the memory, if it’s under 1 GB, you might have a problem. But you should also get some virus protection software and make sure you dont have a virus.

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I had a dream once that Internet Explorer just went away….

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could be spyware, virus or just the uselessness of IE

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I do have norton, do I need something else? If so what is best?

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i’m not 100% sure but i don’t believe that Norton covers spyware, try something like ad-aware or spybot search and destroy. you’ll be surprised what they find.

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Get Firefox… Or Opera…

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sometimes ie happen that thing ,if twice time or more then try to reinstall the ie or switch to firefox, ie is heavy to run and its really FUCK especially to web designers and web developers

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