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Would this get you out of a ticket?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) January 28th, 2010

When you get a parking ticket they put it under your wiper blade. What if you didn’t pay it and claimed it blew away or someone took it? Would they still hold you accountable?

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@jaketheripper Yes. You are still accountable. Do you really think you’re the 1st one to think of that and that it would work?

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@Likeradar no but I’ve just never heard of someone trying it before. Would they give you an extension on the deadline?

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@jaketheripper I don’t know for sure, but I imagine they get dozens of people calling in with that brilliant excuse almost daily so I doubt it.

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Yes, you are still accountable. Eventually they will mail you something about it, generally involving an increase to the amount of the fine because you didn’t pay it in a timely matter. If you still ignore it, eventually they might even issue a warrant for your arrest, or put a hold on your driver’s license so you cannot renew it until all fines have been paid. That last happened to my nephew.

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@Darwin really over a ticket? Wow that’s crazy.
I had a parking ticket, and Im not going to pay it. The meter maid watched me close my trunk, and waited while I turned around to put the rest of the stuff in my car. I tried to argue it, but what’s the point? They can’t find my address. So if they really wanted to get me, then they would and it’s been like seven months.

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When I get a ticket they mail me a bill in addition to the ticket on the windshield.

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Wait until you try to renew your license. That’s when they got my nephew.

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@shego If your car is legally registered they will send the notification to your address. Most states require a street address not a PO box. The registration of the car maybe blocked for next renewal and some places consider a “Scoffer” a bootable vehicle – I think that’s a word. That is where put a anti-rotation piece on your front axle, making the car non-drivable.

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@Tropical Willie I no longer have the car, I take busess now cause I lost my job, so I could personally care less. But thanks for the info.

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@shego The fines may very well keep increasing. One day you may decide to get a car, try register it, and be in for a big surprise.

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And when they ask you to pay your ticket, you can say your dog ate your checkbook

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I would say that wouldn’t work. I bet too many people have already beaten you to the punch on that one. Plus they always say “ignorance is no excuse.” So even if you didn’t know you broke a law, you can still get in trouble.

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